When Art meets data: How Art.com helps customers find the perfect picture

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As a teenager, I had more than 30 posters of Michael Jordan hanging in my room. It was in the days before e-commerce, and I built my collection one poster at a time searching the local shops.

Times have changed. Nowadays, I can access a huge collection of art at my fingertips on Art.com, and the retailer knows my tastes better than my local shops did – even if by the 25th Air Jordan poster they probably had an idea.

I recently spoke with the team at Art.com about how they’ve been using Cloudera to harness unstructured and structured data to better understand customer preferences and help users find the art (and posters) they love.

Art.com’s traditional data environment was limited by the amount and types of data that it could process, which led it to implement a Cloudera enterprise data hub (EDH).

Now, the business has access to diverse data across its properties, like AllPosters.com, Art.com, and ArtistRising.com, to improve its site navigation, personalize the shopper experience, and tackle projects and analysis in just 30 minutes rather than over several days.

The results are impressive. For example, the new data platform has enabled semantic search so that as I’m navigating their sites, images help me find Georgia O’Keefe’s Petunias even if I can only recall to describe it as “purple flowers.”  The result is one in five shoppers who abandoned their search in the past will now stick around and find their “Petunias.”

We’ve profiled more of the details of the Art.com team’s success here, including how they increased their email open and click-through rates three fold. If you have a few minutes, read about how tools such as Apache Impala (incubating), Cloudera Search, and Cloudera Navigator make this happen while protecting customer data. And if you haven’t already, head over to Art.com, AllPosters.com, and the company’s other properties to spruce up those walls!  As for me, it’s over to AllPosters.com to see if we can replace those Frozen Elsa and Anna posters with a classic Air Jordan for my daughters’ rooms!

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