Using Big Data to Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is disrupting businesses and business models. Legacy business models are feeling the pressure to adopt to the new wave of devices and methods of interactions with their customers, partners, and amongst themselves.  At the same time, new entrants are innovating rapidly to gain competitive advantage and market share.

Today’s technology is rapidly changing our lives and influencing how we interact with brands, as well as with each other.  The digitization of everything, particularly the widespread use of mobile and sensor data, has significantly increased user expectations.  At the heart of this transformation is how organizations use data to drive competitive advantage.  Those who view data as an asset or opportunity will thrive, while those who lose sight of it will likely see significant negative business impact. IDC predicts that by 2020, data monetization efforts will result in enterprises pursuing digital transformation initiatives increasing the marketplace’s consumption of their own data by 100-fold or more.

Data is driving three key board-level initiatives: drive customer insights, improve products & services efficiencies, and lower business risks.  To achieve success for any of this board level business initiatives, organizations will need to modernize their architecture and take advantage of the innovations.

To achieve these board-level initiatives, organizations will need to modernize data architecture enabling rapid implementation of solutions in your company right now that radically reduce the cost to store, process, and analyze virtually any amount of data—and you can do it affordably. What’s more, you can use the same powerful analytic tools you rely on today to derive much deeper insights, far more quickly than before.

Let’s chat about couple of customer examples:

  • Cerner Corporation, a technology company committed to the systemic improvement of healthcare, uses Cloudera to help save lives through early detection of Sepsis with an end of end view of 2PB+ data.
  • NG Data needed cumulative, organized and actionable platform to help create dynamic customer profiles.  NG Data used Cloudera to for integrated internal application on Apache Hadoop, HBase, Solr and machine learning.  NG Data was able to increase return rate on more targeted sales campaigns of 300-400%.

Strata + Hadoop World New York takes place from September 27-29th, and will a great forum to understand how organizations are using data to drive business to meet and exceed their strategic business goals.  Please join us to learn more and share your story.  Looking forward to seeing you in NY.


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