US Immigration policy

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The technology industry is an essential driver of the US and global economy.

Technology is driven by innovation. Over many decades, Silicon Valley has built a powerful engine for new ideas, new companies and new products to change the world and the way we live in it.

Immigration helps fuel that engine. At Cloudera, we have been fortunate to attract bright and driven people from around the world. They come here to work with and learn from others like themselves. They come as students, as workers and as company founders. They bring diverse cultures and ways of thinking. That diversity sparks new ideas and new ways of working together.

More than a third of Silicon Valley residents are immigrants; those immigrants have founded more than half of our billion-dollar startups.

Continued US leadership in the technology industry requires that we continue to attract and keep bright, driven entrepreneurs from around the world. Making it more difficult for those people to come here, to work and to build the future means that they will do the work, and build that future and its economic benefits, elsewhere.

Cloudera will continue to monitor developments regarding immigration policy and the effects of the President’s executive order last week. Our immediate commitment is to keep our people and their families safe while complying with the law. In the longer term, we aim to influence policy to encourage the free movement of people and ideas that have made our industry and our company strong.


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