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“Comply, you must comply!” – How Nordea Bank deals with regulatory compliance

Categories: Compliance Financial Services

Regulatory compliance, like death and taxes, is something that is mandatory and the cost of doing business in the financial services industry. In fact, the only thing that’s guaranteed is that the rate of regulatory change will only continue to increase over time. How banks deal with regulatory compliance is actually changing for the better.…

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Big Data as Competitive Advantage in Financial Services

Categories: Financial Services

Do you want to advance your company from a Digital Explorer to a Digital Transformer? Digital Transformers generate increased revenue and run a more efficient business by developing advanced digital capabilities. According to IDC Financial Insights Research Director Bill Fearnley, it takes three steps to get there: Provide your customers with an omni-experience Use the…

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Unlock Your Best Apache Hadoop Strategy with Cloudera Navigator Optimizer

Categories: Product

Last February, we announced the acquisition of Xplain.io to further build out the data management capabilities in Cloudera Navigator. Since the acquisition, the team has been hard at work building on the original vision of a modern workload optimization tool, and customers have been unanimous in their interest. Even under restricted access, 15 customers have…

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Tracking Sensitive Data With Dataguise and Cloudera

Categories: General Partners Product

Previously, we announced that the leaders in the data governance space have joined Cloudera to provide a unified foundation for open metadata and end-to-end visibility for governance. Today, we are happy to host this guest blog from Venkat Subramanian, Chief Technology Officer and Subra Ramesh, VP of Engineering of Dataguise. —– People often refer to Big Data in the context…

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