Navigating the Data Hub at Cloudera Sessions

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For over a decade, Search Technologies has been working on large enterprise search projects that increasingly have involved platforms like Cloudera Enterprise. As stated in this blog (My “Star-Studded” Evening at the 2015 Cloudera Data Impact Awards), search and big data have always gone hand in hand. When our CEO Kamran Khan met Doug Cutting, Cloudera’s Chief Architect, Doug noted “You know, people today think that search and big data are separate technologies for different purposes, but in two or three years, everyone will wonder why we ever thought that.” Well, as they say, the future is now.

So, how does a search expert get better known in the big data analytics space?

For the last two years, we have been able to share our message–and expertise–with Cloudera users at Cloudera Sessions, a one-day seminar roadshow that brings together Cloudera partners, customers, business leaders and data experts from Fortune 500 and global companies. The 2017 series kicked off in May and Search Technologies was part of the tour in three major U.S. cities – Boston, Seattle, and New York. 

During the tour, we were able to speak with attendees about how we deliver enterprise-class solutions for a variety of use cases including: log analytics, e-commerce search, fraud detection, e-mail compliance , recruiting search and match, and genomics research. Cloudera Sessions gives our team the opportunity to talk, face-to-face, in an intimate setting with users who are in the trenches with big data and seeking answers to their questions and guidance for their projects.

Sessions’ attendees spoke to us about a variety of projects, successes, and challenges that they are facing. One very common theme centered on ‘data lakes’ or ‘data hubs’, which bring together data from disparate sources into a single searchable repository. Once a repository is in place, you can develop different search and analytics applications for data discovery, analytics, and reporting.

Attendees we met often asked the same questions:

  • “How do we start a data lake project?”
  • “How do we migrate data from legacy systems into the data lake?”
  • “What about security compliance?”

At Search Technologies our partnership with Cloudera helps customers address these questions to get the most out of their deployments of the Cloudera platform. We had the opportunity to share our use cases and experience building data hub solutions with the attendees including:

  • Work we are doing with global healthcare and biotech firms to build data hub solutions for healthcare industry manufacturers. These projects are focused on bringing together different sources of structured and unstructured data from different business systems all over the world, including research, manufacturing, logistics data, and finance data, and making the data searchable from a single repository built with Cloudera.  
  • For one healthcare customer, within days of deployment of their Enterprise Data Hub, an anomaly was detected in a key attribute of manufacturing batch data. They executed a mitigation plan to avoid a product non-conformance. As a result, the customer avoided the potential re-work or scrap of a multi-million dollar product. You can learn more in our on-demand webinar “Searching the Data Lake with Cloudera Search & Morphlines”.

Cloudera Sessions continues to provide an intimate forum that gives us the opportunity to speak to and learn from users. These roadshows are valuable for developing ideas for additional business analytics applications that can leverage data hub architectures.

For more information about our use cases and how we help customers, download our new e-book, Top 5 Big Data & Analytics Use Cases.


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