Learn How to go from Data to Business Value with a Modern Data Platform

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It should come as no surprise that having the right strategy is the key for getting success from your data projects. And this strategy goes well beyond the data itself. It involves having the right people, process, and technology in place to support your strategic goals. Each of these are critical and can bring with it its own challenges. However, none are insurmountable and the opportunities of a successful modern data strategy are endless. Just look at how companies such as Transamerica (driving new customer insights to develop personalized solutions), Cerner (improving healthcare efficiency for better patient outcomes and ultimately save lives), and Dell SecureWorks (lowering business risk for their clients through better information security services and network threat intelligence) are able to tap into true business value from their data.

In past blogs and webinars, we have discussed some best practices and guidance around the people and process aspect of this. Now, it’s time to talk about the technology. Or, more importantly, how you should be evaluating the technology not only to address immediate needs, but to also set your business up for strategic advantages well into the future.

For most businesses, the phrase “change is the only constant” has never held more true. Just think of how different the business world looks from even just five years ago. Rather than getting a historical view of your business over the past month or year, it’s now possible to look decades back. Structured data can be paired with new data types such as social media sentiments, streaming sensor data, or text comments to discover new insights. Rather than simply analyzing what happened and why after the fact, you can proactively affect business results through data-driven decisions in real-time. And this is just to name a few.

Apache Hadoop and its open source ecosystem is at the core of this. Hadoop is a new type of data platform—one place to store, process, and analyze unlimited amounts of data of any type, all with unprecedented flexibility, scale, and cost-savings. This concept has proved to be a drastic shift in what data can be unlocked to the business. However, while Hadoop may have removed some barriers to data, that alone doesn’t ensure results. How do you go from what seems like dozens of disjointed and oddly named projects to a modern data platform that turns your data into real value?

Join us for a live webinar on December 1st at 10am PT/1pm ET where we will discuss what to consider when evaluating a modern data platform; some key application patterns; and how the right platform allows you to take advantage of critical trends around data in motion and real-time analytics, self-service business agility for business analysts and data scientists alike; and public and hybrid cloud infrastructure. We will also walk through some real world use cases across a variety of industries. Register here and we’ll see you on Dec. 1st!


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