Introducing Cloudera Altus on Microsoft Azure

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Support for multi-cloud data analytic workflows

Last May, we announced the general availability of Cloudera Altus, Cloudera’s Platform-as-a-Service offering, on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which greatly simplifies data analytic workflows in the cloud. Today, we announce that Altus will be available as a beta offering in October on Microsoft Azure. With Azure support, users will be able to store their data in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), create Cloudera clusters on-demand, and run big data jobs in both AWS and Azure from a single integrated console. Azure support marks the beginning of multi-cloud capability on the Altus platform.  

Altus is a managed service offering that currently enables users to deploy and configure Cloudera data engineering (MR2, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, and Hive-on-Spark) clusters as well as submit and troubleshoot data engineering jobs. Altus focuses on the end user experience by providing intuitive data engineering workflows and minimizes the need for cluster configuration and maintenance.  

Altus on Azure brings the data-engineering-as-a-service experience to the Azure platform, allowing customers to store their data on Azure Data Lake Store and easily spin up Cloudera clusters as needed to process this data. Altus deployed data engineering clusters will work with Cloudera Director deployed analytic clusters, so that customers can run full data pipelines in Azure from ingestion to data engineering to data analytics.  Lastly, Altus on Azure provides the same enterprise-grade experience that customers have come to expect with the Cloudera analytics and machine learning platform.

Over the past year, Cloudera and Microsoft have worked in close collaboration in order to make the Altus PaaS offering available to our joint customers, adding to a long list of existing integrated solutions. Now, we look forward to onboarding customers onto Altus and enabling a superior big data experience in Azure. Looking ahead, we will continue to streamline Altus on Azure workflows and onboard new big data analytic use cases. In addition, we will continue to work closely with Microsoft to further integrate Altus with native Azure services. Stay tuned!

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