Dave Shuman Talks IoT and Big Data on Federal News Radio

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What exactly can we expect for IoT in 2018, and how can you improve your organization with connected devices? That was the question Dave Shuman set out to answer when he sat down last month with John Gilroy at the Federal News Radio headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Federal Tech Talk looks at the world of high technology in the federal government and, as its host, John speaks the language of federal CISOs, CIOs, and CTOs. He covers the latest government initiatives and technology news for federal IT managers and government contractors as well.

Dave and John began the conversation discussing a problem that transcends government; indeed, companies across all industries are still figuring out how to best use their data.

“For listeners of this show working for the Federal government, they may have 500 petabytes of data and nothing to understand,” said John. “This is the dilemma: you have all this stuff – now what do you do with it.”

“It’s great to have 500 petabytes of data, but what we really want to talk about is how do you structure, organize and govern that data so that (a) you can find it and use it, and (b) you protect it from people who shouldn’t have access,” said Dave.

Dave, who began his career in radio, shared with John how Cloudera uses its expertise working with organizations around the globe to help government agencies harness the sensor data from IoT systems.

Dave shared the success of Navistar, the leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines, and spoke with John about their focus on improving the customer experience and providing better maintenance based on the data coming off of vehicles. He highlighted the evolution of Navistar’s journey with Cloudera as it expanded from truck to fleet maintenance, a use case particularly relevant to public sector listeners tasked with rising maintenance costs and pressure to improve efficiencies on everything from Navy ships to school buses.  

John noted that he likely has some Federal and Department of Defense listeners that could benefit from this approach to data. Not only do predictive analytics enable machine operators to accurately assess and anticipate vehicle malfunctions, drastically improving performance and uptime, but Navistar’s approach to solving the problem also aligns with the government’s innovation process and Cloudera’s recommendation to think big, start small, iterate to success. By beginning the IoT initiative with only a few trucks, Navistar was able to carefully pilot the project before spreading it fleetwide. Agencies – from FEMA to the Department of the Interior to NIH – can tackle big data problems with the same approach.

Dave concluded with some data trends that Federal agencies should be watching during the next five years.

“We can pretty safely say that there is going to be more data in four or five years, so we have to put in infrastructure and capabilities that allow us to manage that data – where it makes sense. Data is going to be in lots of different places depending on the economics, which is why cloud is going to be a significant part of how we think and manage data. We’re going to have to manage that data uniformly; that’s a big push for us. How do we manage this data to turn it into the natural resource that it needs to be to power these kinds of use cases?”

The conversation with Dave Shuman continues on Federal News Radio  Enjoy the full interview and follow John Gilroy @raygilray for additional great Federal IT content.


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