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Shawn Dolley is Cloudera's Industry Leader, Health & Life Science. Shawn leads the Cloudera precision medicine and Cloudera Omics solution vision, roadmap and offering, and helps customers develop use cases on the business side of research discovery and translational medicine. Shawn co-led the Healthcare & Life Science industry practice at Netezza, and when acquired by IBM was a part of IBM's Public Sector industry practice. Shawn designed a Health Outcomes Analytic Appliance in conjunction with Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He has presented to and collaborated with multiple health systems, health plans, pharma, and research organizations, as well as Big Data technology providers. Shawn has worked in data modeling, metrics, analytics and workflow since 1995. Today, Shawn’s most focused work is on repeatable, affordable solutions for whole genome/exome downstream analytics at scale matched with clinical/phenotype and public data, toward precision medicine and biomarker & drug discovery. He is a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics in Health and the International Society of Pediatric Innovation.

Big Data Solution to Harnessing Unstructured Data in Healthcare

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Today, I have the honor to host Murali Nagendranath, Strategy Officer, Wired Informatics, in this blog on how to use unstructured data to gain insights from health data. —– In order for healthcare professionals to make effective clinical decisions and to offer the best possible treatment and care protocols, comprehensive understanding of the patient characteristics as…

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