Apache Spot for Healthcare

Categories: Security, Risk, and Compliance

Intel’s David Houlding masterfully outlined the complexity of the cybersecurity threats that health and life sciences organizations face today. One doesn’t have to work hard to see the far-reaching impact this continues to have on the entire industry. The US Department of Health and Human Services provides an easy to summarize list of all breaches that impacted 500+ people totaling 1900 different healthcare providers, plans, associates and more who have suffered unencrypted data losses. Sometimes these data breach incidents contain sensitive information related to hundreds of thousands of individuals each. It is simply staggering to see so much sensitive information consistently being exposed through poor security practices exposed to malicious activity.

In his article, Mr. Houlding also referred to the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub for Cybersecurity, powered by Apache Spot (incubating) running on Intel hardware. The point was well made about ensuring that each organization has the proper visibility across the enterprise which is the key to creating a defensible enterprise. Having a single location to securely ingest, store, analyze, and respond to security events is a critical component to the efficacy of any security program. Simply stated, having access to all the telemetry information an enterprise creates is critical to understanding how that data is accessed or used maliciously.

A Cloudera enterprise data hub (EDH) is a platform for all the information that can be secured, encrypted, and used by many areas of the business to further analytics, data retention, and of course cybersecurity. Furthermore, Spot is a project that leverages the EDH and helps many organizations level the playing field when it comes to cybersecurity by working across a community of dedicated users to create better visibility, stronger analytics through advances in machine learning, and ultimately an increase in the level of security amongst all participants in the community. With Spot, teams can leverage open source algorithms, vendor applications that are built on Spot, or build their own application taking advantage of Spot’s Open Data Models that structure network, user, and endpoint information. This allows security teams to plug multiple applications into one shared infrastructure and data source creating a single platform where commercial products, open source products, or custom applications can all co-exist leveraging the same security models, governance models and data securely from a single location. All of this comes together to maximize investments and reduce risk!


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