Announcing the Cloudera Partner Impact Awards!

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With an extensive and vibrant partner ecosystem, Cloudera continues to provide an open data platform for machine learning and analytics that transforms how businesses manage data. In fact, a large part of how customers work with Cloudera, is through our diverse partner community. That said, we are proud to announce our inaugural  Cloudera Partner Impact Awards where we will highlight partners that set themselves apart by their solutions and business excellence.

Concrete solutions are becoming an ever increasing part of our business and many of these solutions are solving incredibly difficult problems in public and private sectors. These solutions integrate Cloudera Enterprise with partner products and/or services to analyze and process massive amounts of data. To accommodate all the different combinations, we broke down our Best Solution Category into five awards. Here are the winners:

  • Drive Customer Insights – PricewaterhouseCoopers  (PWC)
  • Innovators in Machine Learning and AI – Trifacta
  • Improve Product and Services Efficiency – Deloitte
  • Modernize IT – Streamsets
  • Lower Business Risks – Arcadia Data

For our partners that have shown extreme ownership in driving the highest levels of investment and business excellence with Cloudera, we created the Business Excellence Awards. These awards allow us to highlight those partners that had an economic or relationship impact on our business. Here are the winners of this category:.

  • Global Partner of the Year Award Tata Consulting Services (TCS)
  • Customer Centric Award – Informactica
  • Market Development Award – Oracle
  • Invest to Win Award – CenturyLink
  • Innovator Award – Qlik
  • Rising Star Award – Datavard
  • LATAM Partner of the Year Award – Semantix
  • North America Partner of the Year Award – RCG Global Services
  • North America Momentum Award – Microsoft

So many awards! What is this the Oscars? For us, this is a token of appreciation for every deal, certification, and customer that gets to experience the best of our joint solutions. We couldn’t do it alone.

To read more about the awards and winners please see our announcement. THANK YOU!


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