An Easy Decision, After All

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After spending the best part of four years as an IT industry analyst covering the big data market, it’s my distinct pleasure to say, “hello from the other side.” Being an analyst was in many ways a dream job, with red-carpet access to the strategic leaders of every company associated with big data, machine learning, and analytics. I had a front-row seat to watch the figurative birth of literally world-shaking technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Why give that up?

The short answer is that it was time to be woke and get engaged. As fun as it is to sit on the sidelines, bench-racin’ and belly-achin’, it’s way more fun to pick a team and help build something meaningful. Time to pick a horse, saddle up, and go for glory. Which horse then?

Kidding, (not kidding!) the best way to pick a new job in big data and analytics is to have those strategic leaders at every company brief you on their respective products, teams, market opportunity, and roadmap. As my ever-insightful and delightfully-to-the-point wife suggested, “don’t be an idiot, dear, you’re one of the ten most qualified people in the world to choose a big data company.” Right, that’s me told then.

So… Cloudera. What does Cloudera do? Helps businesses find and satisfy people who need their stuff. Stops the fraudster bad guys. Puts the planet’s resources to better and more efficient use. How about cure cancer, that do anything for ya? Meaningful impact? Check. Check. Hella check.

Why Cloudera particularly though? For starters, the platform works. It works for everyone. Do you need to meet enterprise IT values around service quality, cost efficiency, transformative capabilities, with good security and governance? Do you want to run on-premises, easy appliances, in the clouds, all of the above? Well, yeah, you do. Secondly, it’s a science experiment. These days, everyone says that like it’s a bad thing. Me, I like science. Observe, make a hypothesis, test, reflect, refine, rinse and repeat. Beats blind faith in an entrenched, proprietary institution any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. (I’m looking at you, IBM.) Far better to select the best ideas from an open community of deep thinkers, and as just noted, make them work for everyone. Sign me up. I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be when we were younger and free. Let’s re-create that utopia. Lastly, and mostly, it’s about the people. Lots of companies have good people. Cloudera has the best and brightest of a generation, well, several generations actually. Visionary to see where we need to go. Ambitious to make it happen. Caring. Genuine. Apolitical. Ok, not apolitical, rather passionate about the impact we have on those around us.

Wait, isn’t Apache Hadoop dead? Turns out reports of Hadoop’s death are greatly exaggerated. Shockingly some of my former brethren in the journalist/analyst/commentator/mom’s basement community are beholden to the status quo. Big vendors write big checks. They roll out those plushy red carpets. The man likes to control the fake news. I get it. I was there. Yes, big data is a bit complex under the hood, but so is a car, that doesn’t stop everyone from driving everywhere. We all need to stop fussing about the pieces parts and focus on the open road. Don’t make me turn the car around, because I will. But thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong. Real businesses and real governments are getting real value from the Hadoop ecosystem. Doing impossible stuff today, and making it look easy. Just ask them how. I can introduce you.

Furthermore, not all big data vendors are the same. There’s such a difference between us and a million miles of white space between Cloudera and the also-rans. Creamy open source core, surrounded by layers of tasty enterprise quality. Not to be repetitive, but Cloudera’s stuff works for the most demanding banks, the most secretive intelligence agencies, the biggest consumer electronics purveyors. And you. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything. We can answer your questions in a lot more detail. And show you the road to success with big data, data science, AI, wherever you want to go.

Shingle hanging at Cloudera really was an easy decision, after all. Anyway, it’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry. I hope that you’re well. See you on the road to Dijon. I’ll bring the Grey Poupon….


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