We’re excited about Wrangle 2016. Want to know why?

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This year on July 28th we will once again host the Wrangle Conference – the definitive single track conference by and for data scientists. Wrangle explores the principles, practice, and application of data science across many industries. This is an opportunity for you to hear directly from practitioners on how they worked to solve complex problems, their harrowing victories, and of course there’s lots of hay! It is perhaps epitomized by this comment from Andrea Burbank at last year’s Wrangle Conference, “[a] culture of experimentation isn’t about frameworks, it’s about humans who use them.”

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Amidst the bales of hay and frontier woodwork many of the industry’s leading authorities on wrangling and contextualizing data will have an open and honest conversation about the role of data science and how they are building data teams for implementing data science on distributed systems. This year we have a wide range of speakers from Fortune 100 companies to some of tech’s most exciting start-ups. Whether you are just learning the practice, building a team or wrangling expertise across an enterprise you will encounter challenges and that is what we are going to talk about.

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The field of data science is vast and depending on the focus can apply itself across many verticals and use cases. This year we have many great sessions showcasing real-world data science use cases. Check out some of the themes below:

  1. The Practice of Data Science. How do you build a cross-expert team?  How do you ensure the models your team is building are aligned with your company’s business goals? And how do you ensure that your data scientists have access to the right data? These are all questions that will be addressed in panels like “When good metrics go bad” and “Metrics before models.”
  2. The Emergence of IOT. The world of wearables adds another dimension to our ability to use data. Now more than ever we can build models that understand our users behaviors by leveraging data being generated by devices. This will be the focus of talks like “The Future of Wearables: Data Science Meets Behavior Change,” “Seeing Behaviors as Humans Do: Uncovering Hidden Patterns in Time-Series Data with Deep Networks,” and “Growth of IOT, in Numbers.”
  3. How Data Science is Driving Healthcare. Data science has huge implications for predictive medicine and the ability to provide better proactive healthcare to patients. Together, we will discuss how the field of data science is revolutionizing the way we deliver healthcare services with breakouts like “Driving Healthcare Operations with Small Data” and “Staying Hippocratic with High Stakes Data.”
  4. How Data Science is Reducing Risk. Machine learning can help us reduce the impact of threats to our business but the algorithms need access to the right data and need to be built to act quickly to circumvent risk. Security experts will be laying out the threat landscape and explaining how data science is making companies smarter about their security in sessions like “Malware Tracking at Scale” and “Digital Vulnerability: Characterizing Risks and Contemplating Responses.”

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This is of course only a section of the packed one-day agenda. For the full agenda visit our website and if you are a data science practitioner, a budding enthusiast, or a team member who facilitates a data science team then we encourage you to reserve your seat today.


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