Welcoming Claudia Juech as Executive Director for the Cloudera Foundation

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At Cloudera, we believe that data makes things that are impossible today, possible tomorrow. We’ve seen that happen over and over again among our customers. Factory equipment and fleets of vehicles connect, by the cloud, to systems that monitor them and warn in advance of pending failure, allowing problems to be solved before they happen. Algorithms trained using machine learning spot unusual behavior in financial transactions or computer networks, identifying and stopping fraud and cyberattacks as they happen. Applications like these are built on large and diverse collections of historical data, and data streaming in from IoT sources. They’re making life better and safer for all of us.

As a company, we’re lucky. We’ve grown so quickly because of the power that data offers our commercial customers. We’ve learned a great deal in working with them.

We’re convinced that that power can make life better and safer beyond the commercial sector. We’ve had some great partnerships here, as well: Our work with Thorn has helped to identify and interdict human trafficking, and our engagement with researchers on precision medicine is helping to better diagnose, and design treatments for, debilitating diseases.

In my founder’s letter, I wrote about our commitment to continue that work under the Cloudera Foundation, a non-profit we set up before our initial public offering to concentrate our resources and our efforts in support of philanthropic efforts for social good. The company’s leadership and Board of Directors were strongly supportive of the Foundation, and I am grateful for their commitment.

Every great organization needs a great leader. We wanted to give the Cloudera Foundation an Executive Director with passion, vision, commitment and deep experience in the social sector. We wanted someone who could turn our vision and ambition into an operating plan, and then build the team to make it happen. We wanted someone who’d worked at a senior level at a leading philanthropy, who understood how our partners there thought, and how we could help them.

I am thrilled today to welcome Claudia Juech to the Cloudera Foundation as its Executive Director. Claudia joins us from the Rockefeller Foundation, where she spent a decade in key operational and leadership roles on transformational projects. Her industry experience includes time in the financial sector, where her work as an analyst gave her a keen understanding of the power of data in making the best decisions.

Claudia’s remit is simple: Let’s ensure that data makes impossible things possible in pursuit of a better, more just, safer world. We aim to apply our technology, our talent and our time to problems that data can solve in new ways. To do so, we’ll need to work closely with commercial organizations, governments and mission-driven organizations in pursuit of meaningful outcomes of their own. Claudia will focus on building those partnerships. We have plenty of promise today; we must turn it into purpose, and into results.

On behalf of the company, Claudia, welcome to your exciting new role. We look forward to doing great things together!


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