Using Data and Insights to Drive Board Level Business Decisions

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Organizations across the globe are going through a digital transformation. Fueled by rapid adoption of digital technologies—mobile, web, social, and an explosion of sensor driven devices—this transformation is creating new revenue streams, saving money, and changing the relationships these organizations have with their customers. At the heart of this transformation is how organizations use data (and the unique insights derived from it) to drive competitive advantage.  Those who view data as an asset or opportunity will thrive, while those who lose sight of it will likely see significant negative business impact. Furthermore, actionable insights from this new class of data (as well as existing data) is greatly impacting board level initiatives—driving customer insights, improving products and services efficiency, and lowering business risks.  Most importantly, Apache Hadoop is, in many ways, enabling this transformation.

To achieve success with big data, a new approach is needed. An approach that requires organizations not to be less obsessed with data, but rather, to contemplate the insights that could be provided by this data in addition to the tremendous value that they provide. Taking timely action of these insights and embedding these insights into applications and processes will be a game changer—especially as predictive, advanced analytics and machine learning is making organizations more proactive.

At Cloudera, we have helped a number of customers use data and insights to drive strategic business value.  A great example is MarkerStudy, a UK-based insurance holdings underwriter that gained deeper customer insights using Cloudera and achieved a 50% increase in customer retention, as well as a 2x increase in policies issues.  Another great example is Cerner Corporation—a technology company committed to the systemic improvement of healthcare who uses Cloudera to help save lives through early detection of Sepsis, with an end-of-end view of 2PB+ data.

We are super excited to share examples of how organizations are using insights to drive key business decisions. And, on June 9th, we will be hosting a webinar with Vice President and Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, Brian Hopkins. We hope you’ll join us as he presents results from two years of research into these ideas, and recommends to attendees how they can get the most out of their data and analytics to drive effective business decisions and gain competitive advantage. You will also hear interesting customer success stories from Cloudera.

Please register for the webinar here.  We look forward to seeing you at the webinar.


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