Using Big Data to Drive a true Customer 360

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What is Customer 360?

Organizations across multiple industries are in pursuit of Customer 360, which aims to integrate customer information across multiple channels, systems, devices and products in order to improve the interaction experience and maximize the value delivered. So the question that gets asked often is – What is Customer 360?

Customer 360 is…

  • 360_view_customer_R2A consistent and complete view of your customers across products, systems and diverse interaction channels
  • A view of the past, the present, and the future
  • A method to better understand and better engage with customers
  • A way to respond to the convergence of customer expectations
  • A driver of brand perception: consistency, contextualized, personalized, relevant

Even though driving a 360-degree customer view is the key for enabling customer success, for most large organizations, customer data tends to reside in silos spread across hundreds of systems and platforms. Gaining a unified 360-degree view of the customer across these multiple, fragmented internal and external systems remains one of the biggest hurdles.

Leading customer-centric organizations are now starting to leverage Hadoop and big data analytics solutions to stitch together a true 360-degree view of their customers in order to deliver personalized service, improve overall customer experience and predict and prevent churn.

Key Customer 360 Use Cases:

Using on a true 360 –degree view of their customers, organizations can:

  • Deliver personalized offers and improve conversion rates- by presenting the right offers at the right time, in the right context to the right customer.
  • Drive down customer churn through predictive modeling and analytics to effectively identify “at-risk” customers and proactively reach out to them with targeted retention programs.
  • Deliver proactive care: Using Apache Hadoop, organizations are able to build intelligence and analytics tools to proactively identify & fix issues before it impacts the customer. Not only does it provides a compelling customer experience but it also prevents calls to the care centers thereby lowering support costs.

Interested in learning more about how to drive your Customer 360 journey?

Join us on Jan 27th at 9AM PT for an interactive webinar on how to utilize Hadoop & big data to drive a true 360-degree customer view.

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