Driving Value from IoT using Apache Hadoop

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Hadoop – A key enabler for IoT

Apache Hadoop has rapidly evolved from just supporting simple, batch-processing jobs with limited flexibility to a full-blown ecosystem of projects that supports a wide range of use cases and analytic applications including – ingestion, storage, processing, serving and analytics for massive volumes of data-at-rest as well as data-in-motion.

Given the data characteristics of IoT, Hadoop is quickly emerging as the data platform of choice for enabling a number of compelling IoT use cases today. In a recent blog, we covered some of the key characteristics as well as complexities associated with managing IoT data, and why Hadoop lends itself perfectly into the world of IoT data management. In this blog we will delve into some of the key use cases, and how our customers are leveraging Hadoop as their data management platform in order to implement some of the most innovative IoT use cases.

Cloudera – Powering innovative IoT use cases

speed-car-racing (1)Leading organizations around the globe are increasingly adopting 
Cloudera’s enterprise data hub, powered by Apache Hadoop as the standard data management and analytics platform for IoT. From connected vehicles and telematics, predictive maintenance to connected homes, industrial IoT, smart cities, usage based insurance, and healthcare IoT, Cloudera is powering some of the most compelling IoT use cases in the industry today.

Please find below a summary of diverse set of use cases that highlights how some of our customers are utilizing Cloudera and the power of Apache Hadoop to derive value from IoT.


Use Cases

Customer Case Study – Description

Connected Vehicles

One of the leading auto manufacturers in North America is using Cloudera as their data management platform to monitor the health of 150,000+ trucks in real-time; in order to improve uptime and reduce fleet maintenance costs by 30-40%

Predictive Maintenance – Industrial IoT

Leading industrial automation company based in North America is utilizing Cloudera in an IoT setting to collect, store and analyze petabytes of sensor data streaming from thousands of diverse manufacturing systems in real-time to do predictive maintenance and eliminate machine downtime

Predictive Maintenance – Heavy Machinery

One of the biggest heavy equipment fleet manufacturers in North America is using Cloudera to parse large volume and high velocity data from sensors to continuously monitor performance of their fleet and to do predictive maintenance as well as advanced defect detection

Telematics & Usage Based Insurance

A large European auto insurance company is leveraging Cloudera and the power of Hadoop to gather, store, and analyze data in real-time from millions of black box devices installed in their clients’ vehicles in order to personalize auto insurance coverage & reduce claims by as much as 30%

Smart Buildings

One of the busiest airports in Europe is running Cloudera on Azure to capture, secure, and correlate sensor (IoT) data collected from equipments within the airport such as escalators, elevators, and baggage carousels to improve airport efficiency and passenger safety

Connected Homes

One of the leading home automation and home security companies in the US is integrating data from over 20+ sensors from millions of customers’ homes to deliver analytics around safety and savings

Smart Ports

Leading provider of cargo handling solutions is utilizing Cloudera to ingest and process IoT data streaming from sensors in port terminal machinery including cranes and, cargo handling equipment to improve their operational efficiencies and increase uptime

Smart Healthcare

The Michael J Fox Foundation, in partnership with Intel, is using Cloudera as the data management platform to collect and analyze more than 300 readings per second streamed from thousands of wearables used by Parkinsons patients, in an effort to accelerate finding a cure for the disease

Utility Analytics

Opower is utilizing Cloudera, to bring together utility consumption data from smart meters along with weather data, consumer behavior data, and other disparate sources of information to help save over $500 Million for subscribers

Thus, utilizing the power of Cloudera Enterprise, organizations can now easily ingest and store unlimited volumes and varieties of IoT data, use powerful processing and analytics tools across data-in-motion as well as data-at-rest, and provide immediate search, query, and visualization across petabytes of data to drive actionable insights from IoT.

To learn more about what Cloudera is doing in the IoT , please visit: http://www.cloudera.com/solutions/iot.html

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