Turning big data into insights and actions using Cloudera

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In my last post, we discussed the importance of data and insights – insights that help drive board level decisions. There is a plethora of new data sources that could be used by organizations to drive new and meaningful insights.  

Many organizations start their big data journey by bringing in new and untapped data sources from the enterprise into Apache Hadoop. According to Forrester, 73% organizations aspire to be data driven. However only 29% of these organizations are using the data to take action on the data. Successful organizations change their approach to the data problem by taking an agile and iterative approach. This approach also focuses on outcomes and business decisions that would be made from the data vs. collecting the data without a clear vision of how that data will embedded in decision making. 

In a sensor and app driven economy, instrumenting everything is the new paradigm. Organizations that are customer focused (or obsessed) start using the insights from this data in a timely and meaningful fashion. They start feeding the actionable insights into applications or systems so that the actions are taken in an automated fashion. Another level of sophistication is feeding the insights and learnings from the customer interactions in real-time to adjust the algorithms for optimizing the experience. The observations from the actions feed back to the algorithms for further tuning. New data points, frequency and the massive data tremendously helps optimize the algorithms.  

Building an insights driven decision making is a team effort. Various teams across the organization, both IT and business, collaborate throughout the process – from instrumenting, collecting data, creating meaningful analysis of data to embedding insights from the data in the applications for automated actions.

Cloudera helps organizations achieve an insights driven culture through world class training, subject matter expertise (technical and industry specific) and through the enterprise data hub – a fast, easy, and secure platform for all your big data needs. A great customer example is Cerner Corporation—a technology company committed to the systemic improvement of healthcare who uses Cloudera to help save lives through early detection of Sepsis, with an end-of-end view of 2PB+ data.

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