Tubular Labs Helps Content Creators Grow Their YouTube Brands with Better Videos

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Every day over three billion videos are viewed on YouTube, and the likelihood that you or someone you know tunes out after the first video is slim to none. You might wonder why that is. It is simple, great content that interests you. Different content producers, such as AwesomenessTV, Jamie Oliver, Maker Studios, Seventeen Magazine and Vice rely on Tubular Labs for real-time insights in order to create and bring you the most interesting content, at the right time.

For those running YouTube channels, serving videos to relevant audiences is a big challenge. Tubular Labs allows content creators to compile reports — within two seconds, through the use of multiple APIs to see how their videos are being received across Twitter, web crawls and many other publicly available data sources. Tubular Labs generates reports for their clients through the use of a Cloudera enterprise data hub (EDH) leveraging Impala for near-real-time query response.

Tubular Labs’ adoption of Cloudera technology allows them to serve their customers deeper insights, which gives them competitive intelligence, enabling them to identify, grow and engage passionate communities of followers on YouTube more effectively in the future. Analytics such as these have allowed their customers to create smarter content for faster growth — allowing them to capture your interest at the right time.

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