Today is an important day in the life of Cloudera

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Nearly nine years ago, Amr Awadallah, Christophe Bisciglia, Jeff Hammerbacher and I came together with a shared conviction: Data was going to change the world. The three of them had some authority on the topic. Christophe came from Google, where the central ideas behind our platform were invented. Jeff and Amr had worked, respectively, at Facebook and Yahoo, using the platform to solve problems that had simply been impossible to attack before.

My history was different. I’d spent a career building data platforms for large enterprise clients. I understood how they thought about topics like security, data governance, compliance, IT operations and so on.

Individually, each of us was convinced that this new technology would escape the confines of the consumer internet companies that pioneered it. We all knew that more traditional enterprises would confront the same challenges, and need the same capabilities. We all believed that there was a chance for a new platform, and a new company, to succeed.

The ensuing years have been remarkable. Our company has grown with the market. The original technology has morphed almost beyond recognition, adding real-time, SQL, streaming, machine learning capabilities and more. That’s driven adoption among some of the very biggest enterprises on the planet. They’re running a huge variety of applications, solving a wide variety of critical business problems.

Our early bet has proven correct: Data is changing the world. In applications like fraud detection and prevention, securing networks against cyberattacks and optimizing fleet performance in logistics and trucking, we’re delivering value. We’re helping to address big social challenges, improving patient outcomes in healthcare and helping law enforcement find and shut down human trafficking networks.

Against that background, an IPO takes on a more appropriate scale. We started Cloudera because we believe that data makes things that are impossible today, possible tomorrow. There’s more data coming, and there are plenty of impossible things to work on. Our journey is only well begun.

For this moment, though, to all Clouderans, past and present; to our early investors; to our board members; to our partners; and, most of all, to our amazing customers: Thank you! Credit for our success is broadly shared. Enjoy the ceremony this morning.

This afternoon, though, let’s get back to work, squarely on mission. There’s plenty more data coming. There are plenty of impossible things still to be done.


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