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Cloudera and PUE Partner to Address Big Data Talent Shortage in Spain

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Data may be the world’s most valuable resource, but the global big data talent shortage can hinder the ability of organizations to capitalize on that potential. Talent will be the key factor in linking innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the 21st century. Governments around the globe, grappling with high rates of unemployment, are eying programs…

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Introducing Blended Learning From Cloudera University

Categories: Cloudera University Data Science Data Warehouse Enterprise Data Hub Spark

Over the past decade, Cloudera University has taught more than 50,000 developers, administrators, analysts, and data scientists how to apply big data technologies. Developers are learning the APIs, so they can create new applications that were never before possible. Administrators learn to plan, install, monitor, and troubleshoot clusters. And analysts discover the power of SQL over large, diverse datasets. Training sessions are delivered…

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Smarter Citizens in a Smarter World

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The Singapore government is driving towards creating the world’s first Smart Nation. Interestingly, a major part of this initiative involves citizens and how technology can be leveraged to improve our lives[i]. Essentially, this should mean that businesses and the community as a whole will be encouraged to contribute and join the drive towards innovation. At…

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Learn how to use Informatica Big Data Edition with Cloudera

Categories: Enterprise Data Hub Partners

By Scott Hedrick, Big Data @ Informatica Large enterprises are looking for ways to accelerate their time to production with mission-critical use cases on Hadoop. They want to optimize their data warehouses, run new analytics applications and develop a better understanding of their customers by leveraging Hadoop. Often they find it challenging to build it…

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Apache Spark and the Next-Generation Developer

Categories: Cloudera University

One of the characteristics that makes the Big Data technology space so vibrant and compelling is the rapid rate of change, powered by the dedicated open-source community. With every ecosystem innovation, Hadoop becomes more and more entrenched at the center of an enterprise data hub. Relevance increases as developers, analysts, and data scientists expand their…

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