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RCR Wireless News’ Reality Check

Categories: Events

If you follow technology transformations within the telecommunications market, chances are that you subscribe to RCR Wireless News — they publish a steady stream of content covering the full gamut of trends in devices, networking, and infrastructure. They’ve also built up a good library of resources covering big data analytics and Internet of Things, particularly…

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Connect with Cloudera at Mobile World Congress 2016

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Big Data Analytics for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) Data is streaming from devices, networks, sensors, and machines at an unprecedented rate, offering telecommunications firms and the broader mobile ecosystem the ability to derive deeper insights than previously imaginable. When collected, stored, secured and combined with other data sources, big data analytics can fundamentally transform the…

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Telco Fraud: Are We Winning the Wrong War?

Categories: Data Warehouse Security

  Fraud is responsible for losses of approximately U.S. $38 billion a year from global communications providers’ revenues, but the telco industry is concerned that losses from undiscovered crime attacks are even greater. Harnessing the power of native Hadoop applications, real-time machine learning and big data, Cloudera and mobile revenue fraud analytics provider Argyle Data…

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