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Rethinking Data Marts in the Cloud

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Published originally on O’Reilly.com Become more agile with business intelligence and data analytics.   Clouds (source: Pexels)   Check out Greg Rahn’s session, “Rethinking data marts in the cloud: Common architectural patterns for analytics” at the Strata Data Conference in Singapore, December 4-7, 2017, to learn how to architect analytic workloads in the cloud and the core elements of…

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How Kudu Will Simplify Visual Analytics on Apache Hadoop

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At Strata + Hadoop World in NYC in September, we announced the beta of Kudu, a new Hadoop storage engine for fast analytics on fast data. With that announcement, we had the honor to have Zoomdata participate in the beta program. Today, I have the honor of hosting Ruhollah Farchtchi, vice president of Zoomdata Labs, to…

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