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The Challenge of Fetching Data for Apache Spot (incubating)

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What do Sony, Target and the Democratic Party have in common? Besides being well-respected brands, they’ve all been subject to some very public and embarrassing hacks over the past 24 months. Because cybercrime is no longer driven by angst-ridden teenagers but rather professional criminal organizations and state-sponsored hacker groups, the halcyon days of looking for…

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Are you ready for the Cybersecurity Renaissance?

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I’m Rocky DeStefano Cloudera’s Subject Matter Expert for cybersecurity and for the majority of the last two decades I’ve explored in depth both the security vendor space and the operational side of information security for organizations in the Federal and enterprise space. My primary goal has been to detect malicious activity faster, with more accuracy…

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Are you prepared for the cybersecurity renaissance? Join us tomorrow to find out more

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We are in the midst of a fundamental shift in the way in which organizations protect themselves from the modern adversary. Traditional rules based cybersecurity applications of the past are not able to protect organizations in the new mobile, social, and hyper-connected world they now operate within. However, the convergence of big data technology, analytic…

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Big Data Governance: Bridging the Gap between Mainframe and Apache Hadoop

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As Apache Hadoop celebrates its 10th birthday this year, it has become the central component of the next generation data architecture. Many of the world’s largest organizations have several production workloads running on Hadoop for new revenue generating applications, to stay competitive and relevant in their industry and to become more agile and efficient. As…

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