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Take Customer Experience Back to the Future with Data

Categories: Customer Analytics

Delivering a positive and memorable customer experience is the cornerstone of nearly every organization. Failure to do so negatively impacts a company’s bottom line and reputation. Each year, companies invest millions of dollars in programs and solutions that aim to improve the customer experience and provide valuable customer insights, but what if for the answer,…

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Retail, Big Data, and Pervasive Analytics: Lessons from NRF 2015

Categories: Events General Security

Perhaps no industry has been more affected by the data deluge than retail. E-commerce now compels even brick-and-mortar stores to develop a comprehensive online sales and marketing strategy. Supply channels are more complex, and the web has removed barriers that previously kept manufacturers from vertically integrating into the retail space. Retailers have more diverse transactional…

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The Business Value of an Enterprise Data Hub

Categories: Enterprise Data Hub

The rate of change in the Big Data landscape is astonishing. Most impressive is the degree to which the innovation that enables an enterprise data hub (EDH) tackles real challenges faced by business decision-makers every day.  Where other enterprise technology actors have invested in a technical roadmap designed for the next bake-off, Cloudera’s customers have…

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