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Efficient Allocation in the Utility with Big Data

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The Smart Grid Transformation The primary enabler to a modern, data-driven utility is the adoption of smart grid technologies. Unlike other industries, which have for decades used sensors and online networks to digitize, communicate, and manage resource delivery and utilization information, utilities have only just begun to adopt automation technologies during the past few years.…

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Why Smart Utilities Need Hadoop

Categories: Partners

The following was originally published on the Grid Insights by Intel energy blog. Utilities are generating more data than ever before. Smart meters, SCADA equipment, transformer meters and other sensors on the distribution grid are generating hundreds of millions of metrics daily. And that’s not all: data pours in from many other sources, too, including…

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DigitalGlobe Teams with Cloudera to Accelerate Delivery of Geospatial Big Data Analytics

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DigitalGlobe  is widely known as a leading provider of commercial high resolution imagery from space. Its constellation of 5 satellites has generated a 60PB archive of imagery that is approaching 5B square kilometers and is in a position to precisely document global change to meet the needs of defense, energy, agriculture, and NGO customers. Given…

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