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Data Discovery, Analytics and an Enterprise Data Hub

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In a continuation of his series “An Enterprise Data Hub, The Next Gen Platform” Hired Brain’s analyst Neil Raden returns to discuss the important topic of modern data discovery and analytics architectures.  Business leaders have always struggled with the limitations of perfunctory reporting and limited data integration.  Complex analytical queries often affected performance of operational…

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An Enterprise Data Hub, The Next Gen Platform

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Cloudera is proud to host Hired Brains analyst and data systems expert Neil Raden in a series of papers aimed at helping IT professionals understand the opportunities they have to modernize and ultimately optimize their data environments.  Increasingly users are struggling with how to modernize their enterprise data systems amidst the pressures and promises that…

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An Environment Ready for Hadoop

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This blog was penned by William McKnight. I recently spoke to a company that had adopted Hadoop.  There are implications in the story for companies of all sizes, even SMB companies, in thinking about their future use of this technology.  It may be surprising the pedestrian nature of the workload – one that most companies…

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