Solving the Big Data Trial Problem with Zoomdata and Cloudera Live

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By Justin Langseth, CEO, Zoomdata

Two years ago, my team and I founded Zoomdata to bring next-generation BI capability to the Big Data world. Zoomdata is Linux server software, so from the start there’s been a hurdle for users to clear if they want to do an install and trial. (Previous-generation BI tools were usually Microsoft Windows desktop clients, which are easier to deploy for testing, but we had no plans to make anything that ended with an .EXE.)

Furthermore, we did not plan to launch a SaaS service because we believe that requiring customers to suck data out of their Apache Hadoop and other Big Data repositories into a proprietary cloud is in violation of the laws of data physics and the core principle of the enterprise data hub. Sure, a lot of our customers are deploying in the cloud, but in virtual private clouds that they set up, manage, and operate.

So, we needed a way for prospective customers to trial Zoomdata without downloading an .EXE and without uploading their big data. Which is why we were excited to be one of the launch partners for Cloudera Live.

Cloudera Live provides a free trial of CDH in the cloud and gives users the option to try partner software such as Zoomdata. The trial provides sample historical data to immediately query via Impala, as well as an up-and-running stream of generated real-time data. So users can push a button, wait a few minutes while it spins up, and then access their own private mini-cloud of 4 CDH nodes, 3.5TB of disk, and 1 Zoomdata node–all pre-loaded with data, turned on, and ready to immediately try out dashboards like this:



From there, since there is a large amount of data available immediately, users can explore Zoomdata’s data sharpening micro-query technology, which shows estimated data results instantaneously that then morph into the final grid or graph in front of the user’s eyes.



And since a live data generator is included, users can explore Zoomdata’s real-time visualization capability, and its Data DVR capability, to seamlessly surf between real-time and historical data, with continuously updating visuals:


Once users have explored the data that comes with Cloudera Live, they can connect their own data through one of Zoomdata’s array of data connectors or load additional data into their CDH nodes. Through the use of pre-built connectors, Zoomdata administrators are able to connect to disparate data sources, and stream them through the application to users. Zoomdata users access their data through a modern browser based interface that supports both desktop and mobile access and doesn’t require the downloading of any software.




We at Zoomdata are very excited to be working with Cloudera on Cloudera Live!

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