Securonix + Cloudera = Security Intelligence Redefined

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This week, Cloudera and the security analytics company Securonix publically announced a joint solution that combats cyber threats with real-time analytics and monitoring.

Security event monitoring products were built for data collection, retention and compliance reporting, with limited threat detection capabilities. These tools tend to overwhelm security teams with an unmanageable volume of alerts and do a poor job of detecting real threats. Enterprises need real-time analytics that mine large volumes of data to accurately identify threats and provide context-rich visibility into the data. Enter Securonix.

Securonix is the pioneer of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) for cyber security. The company’s products combine the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence with advanced anomaly detection techniques to accurately predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats at machine speed.

Securonix chose Cloudera to help them deliver real-time security analytics to the Big Data Enterprise. Securonix integrated their solution with the data management, visibility, and storage capabilities of Cloudera Enterprise, specifically leveraging Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Impala (incubating), and Apache Solr. The Securonix-Cloudera joint solution goes beyond two-tier analytics to provide n-tier and on-demand analytics on large volumes of data.

Together, Securonix and Cloudera are solving critical security problems within organizations with advanced security analytics capabilities for use cases spanning insider threat detection, data exfiltration, endpoint protection, privileged account misuse, patient record protection, internal and external fraud and zero day attacks.

The Securonix-Cloudera joint solution provides:

  • 360 Degree Visibility – Analyzes events, identity, access, and transaction data to detect advanced threats and risk-ranks events for proactive security management
  • Advanced Security Analytics – Leverages existing event data, provides aggregation and enrichment with other relevant sources of information including identity, access, third-party intelligence, and geo-location information
  • Forensic Security Event Enrichment and Analysis – Enables historical analytics as well as advanced storage of all relevant information associated with security event data, plus point-in-time non-repudiation of the complete enriched event
  • Enterprise Security – Delivers strong authentication and authorization with Kerberos andCloudera Sentry

“Independently, Cloudera and Securonix innovate best-of-breed technologies respectively in the big data and cyber security markets. Together, we are truly breaking new ground,” said Tanuj Gulati, Chief Technology Officer of Securonix. “We’re defining what big data security analytics can do.”


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