Raise a Glass to the 2014 Data Impact Award Winners!

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If you’re attending the Strata + Hadoop World conference this week, chances are you’re using Hadoop in some way, shape, or form today to do something interesting or to improve your organization’s efficiency. The fact that this year’s conference has moved to the big leagues — the Javits! — and still managed to sell out speaks to the tremendous growth in terms of both volume and maturity of Hadoop deployments. We at Cloudera have been in a fortunate position to learn about all the different ways organizations are benefiting from Hadoop technology and to see how those use cases have evolved over the years, and we couldn’t be happier to share some of the best, most interesting, and impactful stories with the world through our annual Data Impact Awards.

This year’s Data Impact Awards saw double the number of nominations as last year — validating the growth in volume, variety, and maturity of Hadoop-based deployments. I don’t envy this year’s judges, who had the difficult task of selecting winners for each of the seven categories.

Last night, to start the conference festivities off with a bang, Cloudera hosted our second annual Data Impact Awards Celebration, revealing the winning organizations for each category.

And here they are… (drumroll, please)…

Business Impact – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

  • FINRA, an independent regulator dedicated to investor protection and market integrity, deployed Hadoop as part of its technology platform redevelopment initiative. The Cloudera environment supports the validation, integration, and analytics of data feeds from securities firms and various exchanges, and executes surveillance patterns analytics that identify instances of non-compliance or market manipulation.

    FINRA’s program to implement market regulation applications using Big Data technologies is expected to provide a net cost benefit of $10 to $20 million annually.

Social Impact – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

  • The leading pediatric health care facility implemented Hadoop in support of two key use cases that would benefit from more historical, granular, and multi-structured data storage and analytics: a bedside alarm study, capturing the steady stream of machine data from bedside monitors beyond a three-day window, and an asthma research and discovery project, combining 20 years’ air quality data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the hospital’s asthma research.

    Both studies resulted in improved patient outcomes. The bedside alarm study drove a retraining of hospital staff to equip them to better assess and understand neonatal pain, agitation, and sedation scale (N-PASS) scores, putting information in the hands of clinicians so they can improve pain management in premature babies. The asthma R&D project resulted in reduced patient visits to the emergency room.

Community Contribution(s) – Cloudwick

  • Cloudwick’s client engagement with a large computer storage and data management company drove the proliferation of best practices on how to migrate a petabyte-scale CDH cluster across data centers.

    These best practices have been shared broadly with Hadoop users across the globe, including at the Cloudwick-initiated Hyderabad Hadoop User Group (the tenth largest Hadoop User Group in the world, boasting more than 2,700 members).

Pervasive Integration — Costco Wholesale Corporation

  • Costco has deployed an enterprise data hub on Cloudera, serving as its core data processing component within the enterprise data warehouse. The Hadoop environment is directly connected to a variety of systems spanning the IT infrastructure, including historical, transactional, operational, and analytical systems, and data stores for unstructured and metadata.

    The enterprise data hub is driving pervasive analytics throughout the organization, offering a single source of data to users through a variety of tools including Apache Hive, Apache Mahout, Apache Spark, Impala, Cloudera Search, and Hue.

Advanced Analytics — A TIBCO Spotfire advanced analytics solution purpose-built for a client

  • TIBCO built extensions of its Spotfire product for one client to support production line event analysis, improving product quality and supply chain efficiency. The client’s global manufacturing sites are peppered with sensors collecting programmable logical controller (PLC) data in sub second intervals. This data is fed into Hadoop, and with data visualization and modeling tools co-developed with TIBCO Spotfire, analysts are building mathematical models that predict when a manufacturing line stoppage might occur.

    In evaluating the predictive accuracy of the models used in this environment, the client saw the potential to reduce defects by 50% through improved control settings and changes made to the engineering process, and its analysts can focus on problem solving rather than coding and software “gymnastics”. Providing this structured analysis method will ultimately enable data-driven change of the manufacturing process yielding millions of dollars in cost savings benefit.

Security and Compliance — MasterCard

  • MasterCard needed to be sure the company’s Hadoop environment complied with stringent security requirements. All applications, databases or file systems that have the potential to handle personal account-related data must undergo full PCI certification.

    Earlier this summer, an external auditor certified that MasterCard’s Cloudera environment fully conforms to the PCI DSS V 2.0 security standard. Achieving this milestone provides MasterCard the opportunity to host PCI datasets on this platform and potentially integrate with other internal systems.

Government, Nonprofit, and NGO – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

  • FINRA’s Big Data environment supports the organization’s mission of investor protection and market integrity by: allowing resources to focus on strategic projects instead of IT tasks; creating a more interactive, high performance analytics experience to improve analysts’ results; saving costs and improving FINRA’s ability to accomplish core objectives; leveraging rapid innovation cycles afforded by the open source nature of Apache Hadoop; removing data storage capacity limitations; and maintaining a more accurate picture of the market through elastic provisioning of analytics resources that support execution of a larger number of surveillance patterns.

Thanks once again to this year’s Data Impact Award judges, representing thought leaders from across the enterprise data management industry:

  • Merv Adrian, Research Vice President, Gartner

  • Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Enterprise Solutions, Ovum

  • Drew Conway, Head of Data, Project Florida

  • Pat Fiorenza, Senior Research Analyst, GovLoop

  • Bob Gourley, Editor, CTOvision.com and Founder and CTO, Crucial Point LLC

  • Steffin Harris, Principal, North American Big Data Lead, Capgemini

  • Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist, O’Reilly

  • Hilary Mason, Founder, Fast Forward Labs

  • Joe McKendrick, independent analyst

  • Raghu Nambiar, Senior Director, Product Management, UCS Server Division, Cisco

  • Jake Porway, Founder and Executive Director, DataKind

  • Kim Stevenson, Chief Information Officer, Intel

  • Dan Vesset, Program Vice President, Business Analytics and Big Data, IDC

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