Rethink Analytics: Insights from a Data Scientist – Part II

Categories: Cloudera University Data Science Enterprise Data Hub

Previously, I talked about the three insights I gained from Josh Wills, Cloudera’s Director of Data Science, in preparation of the Rethink Analytics, with an Enterprise Data Hub webinar. In addition to my personal revelation during the preparation of the webinar, we also received a number of great questions from the webinar audience. Is an…

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How AutoScout24’s Online Marketplace Drives 500,000 Vehicle Transactions Each Month

Categories: Success Stories

If you live in Europe and have ever bought a car, chances are that you used AutoScout24’s online marketplace to research and maybe even purchase your vehicle. As one of the largest web properties in Europe, AutoScout24 serves more than ten million users across 18 European countries every single month. More than 40,000 car dealers…

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