Big Data, Risk Management, and Full-Fidelity Analytics

Categories: Enterprise Data Hub Security

The following was cross-published by the Wall Street Technology Association in the most recent issue of the WSTA Ticker e-zine. The definition of Big Data is rapidly changing within the financial services industry—pivoting from a measure of volume, variety, and velocity to an evaluation of systems-enabled strategies. Whereas most of the discussion has revolved around…

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Cloudera + MongoDB: Deep Technical, Business Integration to Exploit Big Data Opportunity

Categories: Data Science Enterprise Data Hub Partners

By Matt Asay, VP Community, MongoDB By a number of metrics, MongoDB and Hadoop are the industry’s two most important Big Data technologies. In fact, of the industry’s hottest job trends, both technologies make the list as two of the fastest growing keywords found in online job postings. Small wonder, then, that when data scientists…

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Hadoop For Small Data

Categories: General

The Elephant in the room is real. Normally, this would be a bad thing as the idiom implies a large object that cannot be ignored but is being avoided. Here, I refer to corporate structured data that is the fuel of its main activities, and whose problems with accuracy and trustworthiness are past the stage…

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Customer Spotlight: Shopzilla Connects Customers with the Products They Want

Categories: Success Stories

Back-to-school shopping is on the horizon, and for many families, getting high quality products at the lowest possible price is crucial. Shopzilla allows customers to easily find retailers online and identify the best items and deals. With its ability to accommodate more than 100 million products and 40 million shoppers a month, you might be…

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