Improving Multi-tenancy with Virtual Private Clusters

Categories: Cloud

Noisy Neighbors in Large, Multi-Tenant Clusters The typical Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub cluster starts off with a few dozen nodes in the customer’s datacenter.   Once configured and secured, the cluster administrator (admin) gives access to a few individuals to onboard their workloads. Over time, workloads start processing more data, tenants start onboarding more workloads, and…

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Cloudera Data Science Workbench: where innovation meets security, compliance and scale on the road to industrialized AI

Categories: Data Science

Gartner states that “By 2022, 75% of new end-user solutions leveraging machine learning (ML) and AI techniques will be built with commercial instead of open source platforms”¹.  Spoiler alert:  it’s not because data scientists will stop relying on open source for the latest innovation in ML algorithms and development environments.  But rather as businesses look…

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Seeing the Enterprise Data Cloud in Action at DataWorks Summit DC

Categories: Cloud Events

With Dataworks Summit kicking off in Washington, DC next week, we are super excited to have Charles Boicey MS, RN-BC and Chief Innovation Officer for Clearsense, as one of the keynote speakers.  A notable expert and clinical information systems specialist, Charles, offers his 25-plus years of strategic leadership. He is a successful architect of healthcare…

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