Breaking Down Data Silos in Financial Services with a Centralized Data Management Platform

Categories: Success Stories

Organizations in the financial services industry rely on data to make strategic decisions, drive their businesses, and maintain a competitive edge. The Bank of England was discovering that legacy tools were no longer sufficient to satisfy the growing demands of analysts and economists. The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom…

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Should Marketeers ditch the concept of Millennials as everyone wants to be treated this way, right?

Categories: Customer Analytics Insurance Operational Database

It is very easy to think this may be true as future generations of consumers, such as Gen Z, desire many of the same customer interactions and experiences from brands as millennials.  But lets dig a little deeper into this this question. Even though both of these groups may look young, there are many differences…

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Announcing the General Availability of Cloudera Flow Management and Cloudera Edge Management

Categories: Data in Motion IoT / Connected Products

Last month at Strata, San Francisco, we made an announcement about two upcoming products – Cloudera Flow Management and Cloudera Edge Management. Today, we are super excited to announce that both the products are generally available for use. While Cloudera Flow Management has been eagerly awaited by our Cloudera customers for use on their existing…

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What customer centric corporate culture really means and why it is so important

Categories: Customer Analytics Data Science General Insurance Operational Database

All organizations, big or small, have a unique corporate culture that has been nurtured and mastered over the years. A company’s culture is its basic personality and the essence of how employees interact and work.  It is the sum of company beliefs, ethics, expectations, goals, value and mission. The company culture is normally where brand…

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