Mobile World Congress, Big Data, and Telecoms in 2015

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In 2015, consumers will continue to share more data about themselves in return for more personalized services. Yet those consumers will also become more concerned with protecting their privacy. Data is streaming from devices, networks, sensors, and machines at an unprecedented rate, offering telecommunications firms and the broader mobile ecosystem deeper insights than previously imaginable. Market players—from operators and manufacturers to application developers, content providers, and advertisers—must ensure they use data appropriately or risk losing the confidence of their customers and partners and damaging their brands.

Hadoop and the Current State of Telecoms

To take full advantage of the enormous big data opportunity, telecoms have to better understand the relationship between insights derived from massive data, the competitive strategies, services, and offers generated from those insights, and the regulations and expectations governing the collection and use of the data. An enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop offers telecoms a new architecture that can store unlimited data from any source and of any age or structure, cost-effectively and reliably, and allows users to access, explore, and analyze that data with full governance and scalability. When collected, combined with public and historic information, and made secure, big data can transform IT into a profit center for telecoms and other actors in the expanding mobile economy.

By partnering with Cloudera, telecom and mobile firms are deploying big data strategies that drive competitiveness and higher profits: calculating marketing occasions with Spark based on streaming live, unstructured data; using Impala to expand the capabilities of siloed legacy systems and enable ad hoc modeling for the first time; encrypting all data at rest and over the wire with full key management via Navigator and preventing hackers from accessing customer data with Sentry; launching new customer-facing mobile products powered by Search; and leveraging HBase to accommodate investigation and analysis of complex historic data.

Find us at MWC 2015

Join Cloudera at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week to learn how an enterprise data hub drives innovation at SFR, BT, Comcast, Qualcomm, and Blackberry. Visit the Cloudera booth at stand 6M30 in Hall 6 to meet Amy O’Connor, former Head of Big Data at Nokia and one of the “10 Big Data Experts to Know,” and find out how the world’s leading telecoms are using Hadoop to:

  • Personalize offers and prevent churn with a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Retain and secure all data to protect privacy and comply with regulations
  • Optimize networks in real time and drive predictive resource allocation
  • Monetize big data by delivering unparalleled insights to partners and merchants


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