Learn how to use Informatica Big Data Edition with Cloudera

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By Scott Hedrick, Big Data @ Informatica

Large enterprises are looking for ways to accelerate their time to production with mission-critical use cases on Hadoop. They want to optimize their data warehouses, run new analytics applications and develop a better understanding of their customers by leveraging Hadoop. Often they find it challenging to build it all themselves without the enterprise tools they are used to from traditional systems.

As the Hadoop market matures, so do the tools and applications for extracting value from the data in Hadoop clusters.  Informatica has been working on product integrations with Cloudera for more than three years, to help large organizations leverage Hadoop as part of their data management architecture.  Leading financial institutions, insurance companies, energy companies, gaming networks, health management and government organizations are using Informatica with Cloudera to put their data to work on Hadoop.

Organizations that want to explore how to leverage Informatica tools on an enterprise data hub (EDH) can now easily evaluate our visual development tools for Cloudera though a new trial. The Informatica Big Data Edition Trial Sandbox VM for Cloudera provides developers with a visual development solution to connect a Cloudera EDH with enterprise systems and leverage the power of the entire Hadoop cluster for data transformation. Companies already using Informatica can easily migrate mappings to Cloudera and integrate Hadoop into their existing data pipelines with minimal effort using the skills their teams or systems integration partners already have.

Developers can leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box pre-built transforms and connectors for structured and unstructured data processing on Cloudera.  This eases the challenges of loading data from relational and NoSQL databases, on premise and SaaS enterprise applications, log files, mainframes and machines into a Cloudera enterprise data hub.

In order to increase understanding of how the two technologies can be used together, we published a whitepaper on our joint reference architecture for data warehouse optimization. At Informatica World in May, we launched a joint Big Data single-day training for data warehouse optimization to help developers get started on their projects.

Working closely with Cloudera, the Informatica Big Data team has preinstalled a trial version of the Big Data Edition into Cloudera’s Quickstart 1-node Hadoop VM and made it available as a free trial downloadable from the Informatica Marketplace.  This trial includes sample data and mappings as well as getting started documentation and videos. Try it and let us know what you think.

Get the Informatica Big Data Edition Trial Sandbox VM for Cloudera from the Informatica Marketplace at http://marketplace.informatica.com/bdecloudera



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