Introducing Cloudera Altus Analytic DB (beta) for Cloud-based Data Warehousing

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming beta release of Cloudera Altus Analytic DB. As the first data warehouse cloud service that brings the warehouse to the data, it delivers instant self-service BI and SQL analytics to anyone – easily, reliably, and securely. Business analysts get iterative and flexible analytics with no limits on the number of users or use cases, and IT can easily manage across all tenants with simplified security and governance.

Many business users are faced with limitations on what data they can access, how quickly they can do so, and what they can do with it. Due to resource limitations in existing analytic environments, priority is given to meet SLAs and ensure critical reports run. The rest of the resources are shared, meaning performance can be unpredictable depending on the time of day and what other workloads are running. Further, with it often taking weeks to request new data sources or additional use cases, iterating and exploring data to discover new insights can be quite challenging. To help support additional users and workloads, different data silos have proliferated throughout the business. However, different departments or user groups may have access to different subsets of data, making it difficult to join and analyze data between them and limiting collaboration between different teams (such as for workflows requiring data engineers, data scientists, and SQL users). All of this has left business users searching for a better way.

Cloudera Altus Analytic DB leverages the speed and agility of the cloud to remove these limitations. As a cloud service, all users can get instant self-service access to data directly from cloud object stores in just a matter of minutes. They can immediately operate on all data, without having to wait for it to be moved into the system, and iterate again and again. And with limitless and isolated resources, business reporting, exploratory analytics, self-service BI, ad hoc queries and more can all run concurrently against the same data, without impacting each other or risking SLAs. This means predictable performance, at any time, and for every use case. Finally, shared data catalog and schemas, in addition to shared data, are available not just for SQL users and analysts, but also for other users leveraging their preferred skills – including data scientists and data engineers – for seamlessly collaboration and workflows.

The game-changing architecture of Altus Analytic DB eliminates the complexities of managing across all these different tenants and ensures simple, consistent security and governance. It’s easy to provision dedicated computing resources as they’re needed, and elastically scale them up or down based on access or performance requirements – all with a single pane of glass view to understand and manage overall costs. All tenants can have direct access to all data in object storage, with no need to move data between workloads or maintain multiple data copies. And leveraging Cloudera SDX (Shared Data Experience), security policies and governance persist beyond even transient clusters for consistent and secure access for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Cloudera Altus Analytic DB can help your business get faster insights in the cloud, visit and sign up for the waitlist for our beta program.

You can also pay us a visit at AWS re:Invent (Booth #428) and Strata Singapore to speak with our experts and see a live demo.



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