Intel, Our Partners, and the Art of Making Something out of Nothing

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I’ve heard some good competitive claims in my career, but none compare to those I’ve been privy to since I’ve been in the Hadoop market. From unforeseen customer growth to claims of CAGRs that are simply unheard of, there’s no shortage of humorous moments on any given day.  Most recently, there have been some very creative slants aimed squarely at Cloudera’s partner strategy.

In March, Cloudera was happy to announce that it entered into a strategic relationship with Intel. In addition to Intel moving to distribute CDH as its Hadoop distribution of choice, it also made a significant investment in Cloudera as a testament to what it sees as a great market opportunity.

At Cloudera, we are very happy to have entered into this relationship. Of all the alternatives on the market, Intel saw our strategy as the one to bet on. This validates what we already believe here at Cloudera, namely that we are paving the way for Hadoop adoption in the enterprise.

Not only is Intel an investor in Cloudera, they are also a key member of our expansive partner ecosystem.  With over 1,000 partners in the Cloudera Connect program, it’s clear that making sure we integrate with the tools that customers have already invested in is at the center of what we do.

I’m taking my ball and going home!

But to some, our relationship with Intel and our partner ecosystem are suggested to be something entirely different. Take Intel, which was spun as a desperate plea to ‘keep the lights on,’ and a clear indication that other vendors’ strategies were winning out.

Yes, you heard that right. The logic goes as follow: vendor A invests in vendor B, choosing vendor B over vendor C, D or E.  Clearly that means that vendor C-E are beating vendor B hands down. Makes perfect sense, right? Clearly someone is still hanging on to the fact that they didn’t get picked for the soccer team.

The saddest part about the way this was spun is that it completely looked past the fact that this move by Intel is a huge validation of Hadoop in general. Sure Cloudera was the vendor that they chose but that’s just part of the story. The decision by Intel is a clear indication that Hadoop is here to stay and as such, all vendors in the mix serve to benefit if they play their cards right.

Regarding our ecosystem, despite the fact it is orders of magnitude larger than any of our competitors, some still like to suggest that we don’t partner but rather compete.


Cloudera was the first vendor to partner with Teradata, we work extensively with BI, data integration and predictive analytics vendors. We offer a wealth of deployment options through hardware vendors and in the cloud. GSIs? Yep, we have those too. And all those are just a fraction of whom we partner with.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at our partner portal and see for yourself.  Join us for at one of our upcoming Cloudera Sessions events where you’ll hear how we’re working directly with our partners – Intel included – to drive Hadoop forward with the community. Claims are just that. Our actions speak for themselves.


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