Holiday Sharing – Cox Automotive and Cloudera Share Success

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Like many enterprise companies, we at Cloudera put an enormous focus on customer success. From world-class training and the industry’s most experienced support team to a variety of services to ensure customers are deploying their clusters efficiently, Cloudera isn’t content to provide a software subscription and move on. We strive for our customers to realize meaningful value from their big data environment.

In my role, I have the opportunity to work with many of our customers and help to highlight that success. It may sound cliche, but this is truly joint success — our customers’ success is ours and vice versa. This really hit home for me this week when one of our customers, Cox Automotive, recognized Cloudera at its annual Vendor Recognition Awards ceremony with its Business Impact Award. You may be more familiar with some of Cox’s individual brands such as Kelley Blue Book,, Manheim, and over 20 others. The Cloudera team is honored to be recognized by Cox, and earlier this year I had the chance to interview some of the Cox team about their big data innovation.

I met Scott Salter, vice president, Enterprise Data Services, and Jon Gregg, senior analytics engineer, at Cloudera Sessions in Atlanta where they were presenting Cox Automotive’s use case.  It’s a true testament to the power of big data. The unit of Cox Enterprises was just formed in 2014 to bring together these very powerful brands and more broadly address the automotive ecosystem. Breaking down silos of data is a popular use case for Hadoop, and there is no better opportunity to do so than across formerly separate, but related businesses.  

When businesses come together, the low-hanging fruit to achieve integration value is often cost reduction — removing redundant overhead and systems. Cloudera certainly has helped a good amount of companies reduce their IT costs with hugely scalable data storage and processing. Cox and some of its teams enjoyed a 50% decrease per terabyte in total cost of ownership (TCO) with its initial Cloudera solution. That relative saving will grow even more impressive as its enterprise data hub is shared across more and more of Cox Automotive’s business.  

But while cost reduction is compelling, the real success has been and will be opportunities to use its diverse data to create new capabilities. For one, even within business lines, tools like Apache Spark are enabling Cox to do things like see real-time auto demand response to a global event like a Super Bowl ad. Even more powerful, Cox can now take different views on auto supply and demand from across its brands to help its auto dealer customers better manage their inventory.  These 1+1=3 stories are only possible with a modern data architecture that can pool all this data for analysis.

It’s fun for me to hear these kinds of stories and share the successes. Cloudera feels great pride in what our customers are able to accomplish, and being recognized this week by Cox is a nice reminder that our success is mutual.


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