Apache Hadoop Selected for the InfoWorld 2012 Technology of the Year Award

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Great news! The InfoWorld Tech Center has chosen Apache Hadoop for a 2012 Technology of the Year Award. Judged by InfoWorld Test Center editors and reviewers, the annual awards identify the best and most innovative products on the IT landscape. Winners are drawn from all of the products tested during the past year, with the final selections made by InfoWorld’s Test Center staff. All products reviewed by the Test Center are eligible to win, and we at Cloudera are very excited that Hadoop was named among the finalists.

I joined Cloudera in 2011 and it’s been very exciting for me to join the Hadoop community and participate in what, by all accounts, was a landmark year. It’s been fantastic to see how Hadoop has empowered companies of every size and in every industry to do new and interesting things with their data. And this is just the beginning. 2012 promises to bring even more innovation and great use cases for this game-changing platform.

The impact of Hadoop is not just on the financial statements of corporate America. In addition to opening up new revenue streams for companies and helping them achieve ever greater levels of operational efficiency, I am particularly impressed with how Hadoop has enabled the use of data for the betterment of society and the human experience. There are so many ways Hadoop has already made a difference in our lives. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Hadoop helps us save lives
Perhaps the best way to make a life better… is to save it! Hadoop has been used in healthcare and biopharma to collect, standardize, and aggregate large-scale clinical data – enabling healthcare leaders to identify and measure outcomes, correlations, trends, and metrics that lead to better and faster delivery of care as well as prevention of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs).

Hadoop keeps us honest
Bad guys beware. Financial institutions leverage Hadoop to prevent fraud through pattern recognition. The predictive algorithms run in Hadoop detect anomalies that indicate or result in harmful behavior.

Hadoop keeps our critical systems running
We depend on technology for everything from national defense to global economics. Hadoop helps us prevent downtime by parsing through vast quantities of machine logs to identify leading indicators of system failure.

Hadoop helps us mine the resources we depend on

Hadoop helps us aggregate and process data from multiple sources to predict the likely locations of oil and other valuable natural resources.

Hadoop enhances our online experience
Powering everything from personalized web browsing to the content and messaging platforms that have completely revolutionized the way we interact with each other, Hadoop has been a boon to the online experience. The web would not be what it is today without it – plain and simple.

The impact that Hadoop has already had on our world is measurable and vast, and the journey has just begun. Speaking for all of us here at Cloudera, it has been an honor and a privilege to take part in a dynamic, gifted community that creates such a powerful and useful product. Hadoop is well-deserving of this award. Congratulations to the Apache Software Foundation and everyone who participates in making Hadoop the transformative technology that it is!


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