Expanding Enterprise Data Governance Options with Talend and Cloudera

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Previously, we announced that the leaders in the data governance space have joined Cloudera to provide a unified foundation for open metadata and end-to-end visibility for governance. Today, we are happy to host this guest blog from Yann Delacourt, director of product management at Talend and Christophe Toum, senior product manager at Talend.


Savvy organizations are keenly aware of the usefulness of leveraging their data to improve decision-making. Improving customer loyalty, streamlining logistics, and creating new products and services are just a few of the aspects of business that are now being dramatically impacted by the availability of data. In the past, companies deployed a variety of solutions to manage this data: relational databases for transactional information, data warehouses for business intelligence, and ERP for some of the more strategic functional areas.

The challenge with this traditional approach however, is that these systems were not designed to handle the amount and variety of data being generated at today’s pace. Furthermore, for companies to extract greater value from their data, analysts will often cross reference it with external data sets. While data blending can be valuable, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to move data in order to complete this task.

Cloudera and Talend are working together to address this challenge through tight integration with Cloudera Enterprise and Talend Big Data Integration. This joint solution enables organizations to easily bring data from various legacy systems into Apache Hadoop for data prep, blending, and analytics.

While it is essential for businesses today to simplify the analysis of data, it is equally important to have management and governance tools to optimize transformations, ensure data quality and meet regulatory compliance standards. Talend and Cloudera have a number of shared customers in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, gaming, and financial services, where having a very clear line of sight into the history and usage of data is vital.

For example, one of our large banking clients needed to create, maintain, and drive a data governance program for its consumer banking activities across a number of divisions, all while reducing the overall costs of compliance.  Their goal was to assess data quality upfront before starting the regulatory production process. In accordance with compliance rules, our client needed to provide complete data lineage and traceability on the overall data flow and show an audit trail to prove nothing was was altered or updated before being processed.

Part of the Cloudera Enterprise and Talend software integration includes a connection with Cloudera Navigator to provide an additional level of governance information to the user. Now, during the audit processing, Cloudera Navigator provides access to Talend’s context information through the different transformation stages. Code is generated and exchanged between the two solutions, and the audit code is displayed as a graphical representation, making it much easier for the user to understand, transmit, correct, and maintain control.  This is true even in the case of complex transformations such as predictive analytics, where several components are used and it is sometimes difficult to follow in detail the progress of transformation.

This new integration is crucial in an audit and data governance context. First, in case of failure or incident, it is easier to trace the data’s path to locate the problem or locate a fraud. Furthermore, it is possible to develop granular governance mechanisms upstream that comply with regulations (for example Basel II which sets the banking data traceability rules).

Additional information is available at www.talend.com/products/big-data.


Yann Delacourt, director of product management, Talend

Yann Delacourt joined Talend in 2015 as Director of Product Management for Big Data & Data Integration. Prior to Talend, Yann held a number of senior positions in engineering and product management at leading software companies, including SAP and Business Objects. He spent 15 years developing and innovating in the field of Analytics with a focus on Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Data Integration. Yann holds an engineering degree in computer science and artificial intelligence from EPITA France.

Christophe Toum, senior product manager, Talend

Christophe Toum is Senior Product Manager for Talend in charge of data governance, which currently includes Data Quality, Master Data Management and Metadata Management. He is responsible for translating market and customer requirements into concrete product roadmaps.

Christophe has more than 15 years of experience in the software industry where he has held different technical positions with a particular focus in the data management space.





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