E8 Security Chooses Cloudera Enterprise to Build Next Generation, Machine Learning Based Security Analytics Solution for Defending Against Cyber threats

Categories: Security Security, Risk, and Compliance

If you ask any enterprise security analyst, who spends a good portion of their day analyzing large volumes of data, from disparate systems, they’d tell you it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s a manual, time-consuming, process that hinders an enterprises ability to respond quickly to active threats inside their network.

Today, E8 Security and Cloudera are empowering enterprise security teams to find hidden threats enabling faster resolutions. Together, we are taking a new approach to provide security analysts a system to detect and protect against unknown threats at never before seen scale. It is a game changer for saving enterprises from harmful threats and keeping businesses running efficiently.

At the core of the E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform is its ability to completely automate the threat discovery and investigative process, which in the past overloaded security analyst. The ability to analyze large volumes security data sets, from different systems, hasn’t previously existed.

To enable these capabilities, E8 Security’s platform is built on Cloudera Enterprise. Cloudera Enterprise is designed specifically for mission-critical environments and addresses the needs of enterprise security by delivering advanced system management tools, dedicated support and community advocacy.

For E8 Security, Cloudera Enterprise provides:

  • The ability to automate access and analysis of data across the entire security environment using a flexible and scalable interface with Apache Impala
  • Optimized large scale data processing with Apache Spark
  • An efficient and easily configurable centralized console for monitoring and reporting

For analysts to progress from insight to action and make smart and timely decisions requires prioritization of high-risk threats, context about threats and an understanding of their impact at scale.


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