Driving Value for Telcos with an Enterprise Data Hub

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The Data Deluge for Telcos:

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are among the biggest aggregators of data. With the rampant growth and adoption of smartphones and mobile internet, CSPs today have access to unprecedented amounts of data sources including – customer profiles, device data, network data, customer usage patterns, location data, apps downloaded, clickstream data so on and so forth. A medium size wireless company generates approximately 1-2 billion CDRs (call detail records) and terabytes worth of data every day.

With this abundance of data available, CSPs are virtually sitting on a goldmine of information and are in a great position to capitalize on all this data. However, the real question is – How can CSPs take advantage of this treasure trove of data that they have and turn it into something meaningful such as – drive down operational costs, deliver compelling and personalized customer experience, reduce churn or help drive new revenue streams?

Enterprise Data Hub for Telecom Service Providers:

Given this deluge of new data volumes and variety, Telcos will need to augment or rethink their traditional data management mechanisms in order to glean insights into the seemingly valuable data sources that they have.

More and more CSPs are turning to Hadoop as a means to store, analyze and gain insights from virtually unlimited amounts of data in a cost-effective manner. CSPs are utilizing Hadoop-based enterprise data hubs (EDHs) to complement their existing data warehouses to improve performance, reduce costs, and enable new insights.

Today, the introduction of an enterprise data hub at the core of Telcos’ information architectures promotes the centralization of all data, in all formats, with full fidelity and security at up to 99% lower capital expenditure per terabyte compared to traditional data management mechanisms. So all the structured data from CSPs diverse billing, customer care, ordering, network and legacy systems along with semi/un-structured or streaming data including network logs, clickstream data, social media and sensor data can now all be stored within a unified platform for comprehensive analytics.

EDH Architecture for Effective Data Management for Telcos

EDH Architecture for Effective Data Management for Telcos

All sorts of data can be collected, stored, processed, explored, modeled, and served to drive insights in real-time. With an enterprise data hub, Telcos can now sync user, transaction, network, and service data across multiple platforms in a single place at considerably lower cost.

Benefits and Business Value

Harnessing an enterprise data hub presents Telcos with endless opportunities to reuse both historical and real-time data to enhance customer experience, drive down churn, improve network performance and launch new revenue streams. For example CSPs can now bring together customer usage information along with social media interactions and sentiment analysis to effectively identify, detect and prevent churn. CSPs can now seamlessly combine customer usage patterns and customer lifetime value data along with network performance data to provide “proactive care” and resolve any Quality of Service (QoS) issues for customers.

A whole new world of big data use cases for Telcos including – targeted marketing and personalization, network planning and optimization, cyber security, data monetization, IoT analytics etc. are fast emerging and will continue to evolve as CSPs look towards the future with big data analytics.


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