Driving the Future of Big Data the Open Source Way

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This blog post was penned by Irshad Raihan, Big Data Product Marketing Lead, Red Hat.

Market disruption is a term bandied about quite casually these days. However, in the past twenty five years, there have only been a handful of genuinely disruptive technologies and business models that have had long lasting impact.

The first is the truly remarkable idea that open source software could be a viable option for vendors and customers alike. In 1994 Red Hat pioneered an entire industry with its first commercial flavor of open source Enterprise Linux, and has since continued to be a champion for the open source way. That launch was much more than a product release. It spawned new possibilities for IT to deliver more meaningful and tangible value to the business.

Fast forward ten years ahead to the second big disruptor – Apache Hadoop. With the luxury of a deep understanding of open source dynamics, Cloudera essentially launched the big data revolution by democratizing analytics using extremely large and disparate data sets using only commodity hardware. Cloudera helped level the playing field in the new race in which businesses were going to compete in the 21st century – data.

Birds of a Feather Innovate Together.

Cloudera and Red Hat share much more than open source DNA. Our ethos is built around empowering an open ecosystem to offer customers as much choice as possible, to build solutions that address their unique and niche needs rather than force fit a generic “one size fits all” solution to their problems.

Both are champions of community-based innovation that drives open standards, speeds code-base maturity and helps ensure ecosystem compatibility so that customers’ architecture investments are safe. Customers also benefit from the rapid pace of innovation made possible by consensus-led collaboration from thousands of committers and contributors worldwide.

Last October, the two companies announced a strategic alliance around big data which encompasses the broader stack including operating system, storage, middleware and cloud. In addition, Cloudera and Red Hat are working with Intel on a number of new initiatives to streamline the deployment of big data solutions

Optimize Your Architecture for Big Data Success

Come see us at Hadoop Summit this week, or at Red Hat Summit in late June, to learn about the joint engineering work to enable faster time to value on big data solutions. We also have a free webinar on June 17th, hosted by Ovum Analyst Tony Baer, where experts from Intel, Cloudera, and Red Hat will answer live audience questions on big data strategy and deployment.



Irshad Raiham is the product marketing lead for big data at Red Hat. Previously, he held senior product marketing and product management positions at HP and IBM covering big data and data management products. Irshad holds a Masters in Computer Science from Clemson University, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. He is based in Northern California and can be reached on Twitter @irshadraihan.


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