Delivering Trusted Big Data Using End-to-End Data Lineage From Informatica and Cloudera

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Last week, we announced the leaders in data governance space has joined Cloudera to provide a unified foundation for open metadata and end-to-end visibility for governance. Today, we are happy to host this guest blog from Murthy Mathiprakasam, Principal Product Marketing Manager for Informatica’s Big Data products. Murthy has a decade and a half of experience working with emerging high-growth software technologies including roles at Mercury Interactive/HP, Google, eBay, VMware, and Oracle. Murthy holds a Master of Science in Management Science from Stanford University, and two Bachelor of Science degrees in Management Science and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. @mmathiprakasam


One of the greatest opportunities and challenges of new big data management platforms is the ability to capture, load, process, and analyze new forms of data like those from weblogs, social media, badges, and sensors.  These new data sources present an opportunity with Hadoop’s ability to process data in semi-structured formats.  But challenges can also arise as these new data sources are often derived from people and can involve highly sensitive information like credit card or social security data.

As more organizations adopt Hadoop and look to broaden its use inside organizations, compliance and governance are critical requirements.  It is a false tradeoff to suggest that the agility and autonomy of big data be at conflict with the security and governance requirements of large organizations.  In fact, using technological approaches for security and governance allows organizations to confidently share data across departments and with partners minimizing any risk of non-compliance with enterprise policies and industry regulations.  This is critical to the success of Big Data projects since the ability to share data is often the first barrier organizations encounter.

Informatica and Cloudera together are helping organizations recognize big data success through an integration between Informatica’s flagship big data management software and Cloudera Navigator. The joint solution provides enterprises with in-depth visibility into lineage inside Hadoop as well as end-to-end visibility across the data pipeline to meet the most comprehensive compliance with external and internal requirements.

A very large insurance company is using our solutions to govern sensitive financial data that is passing from source systems through Hadoop to target systems. Meeting the privacy requirements of this highly regulated industry, this customer has been able to scalably, efficiently, and confidently deliver big data governance using Informatica and Cloudera. As a result, they’ve been able to improve marketing outcomes with access to better customer data.

Informatica and Cloudera together deliver complete, proven data governance- critical as organizations continue to increase their adoption of Hadoop.. We will continue to work together to ensure that data governance is tracked for maximum visibility, while empowering organizations to have greater agility and autonomy for delivering the most compelling and trusted big data analytical results.

Try out the Informatica and Cloudera joint solution today with a free trial of our joint solutions:

Click here for a demo video of end-to-end lineage across Hadoop with Informatica and Cloudera Navigator.


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