Cybersecurity On Call: Inside the Hacker Community with Vince Tocce

Categories: Security, Risk, and Compliance

When the general public thinks of “hackers” we usually lump them all into one bucket. But that isn’t always fair. Just as the political landscape has multiple parties, there are a number of different groups and subgroups within the hacker community that have their own agendas — from the hacktivists, to nation states, to the black hats that are in the game for their own profits. Some of these hackers have transformed throughout the years as they grow up from kids to adults, from trolls to hacktivist, from criminals to cybersecurity consultants for the largest government agencies and companies around the globe. Some of these hackers have even become infamous.

Jeremy Hammond, a political hacktivist from Anonymous made the news back in 2013 when he was sentenced to 10 years in US Federal Prison for hacking the private intelligence firm Stratfor, and then, releasing the leaks through the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. Understanding the operations of hackers like Jeremey is impossible unless you immerse yourself in their community first hand. Our guest, Vince Tocce, who hosts the “Vince in the Bay” podcast has done just that.

While claiming he’s not a programmer or hacker, he loves to talk about trends in tech, cyber crime, information security, and hacker type stuff. Prior to “Vince in the Bay”, he hosted a daily podcast where he interviewed countless hackers, trolls, and online activists including many folks who affiliate with Anonymous. Because of his unique experience within the hacker community he’s been interviewed by CNN, Vice’s Motherboard, Reuters, Associated Press, and today he is going to share his insider’s perspective on the hacker community with us.  

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