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We are proud and excited to announce that Cloudera’s Support organization is certified under the Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards .  We’d like to take a moment to thank our many Cloudera colleagues (both within and outside of the support organization) for their great team efforts in reaching this certification goal — we’d especially like to thank our customers who have provided us valuable feedback over the years.

Cloudera Support SCP Certification

Cloudera Support SCP Certification

Our customers tell us that their most important concern, when working with Cloudera Support, is that we solve their problems quickly. This certification is our way of reinforcing to our customers that we will not only continue to solve their problems quickly, but we are dedicated to every aspect of their interaction with support.

Why is SCP certification important?

Simply put — our customers are our first priority. In our internal value statements, we list maniacal customer focus as the first value. We believe that the SCP Certification reminds us to be focused on our customers and to have an obsessive enthusiasm for providing both unseen and visible value.

What do we mean when we say unseen and visible value? It’s becoming well known that supporting Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem of projects can be complex. To combat those complexities, we use critical thinking based on customer needs to align the way we develop internal tools, staff our teams, and form our internal structures. In essence, much of what we do today – in regards to people, process, and tools – is designed to limit the complexities of supporting the Apache Hadoop technology stack.

We’ve made internal investments to scale our operations and we’re proud to share the results:

  • A world-class 9.1/10 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score
  • Over 15% of support tickets are automatically generated by our predictive support capabilities, preventing many customers from experiencing issues before they happen.
  • An SLA compliance success rate of 99.7%
  • 18 contributors, 3 committers and 1 Project Management Committee (PMC) member within support alone to help customers solve problems quickly.

While our customers have been enthusiastically happy with these results, we knew we wanted to do even more. That’s why we opened ourselves up to a 3rd party audit, to signal how dedicated we are to solving our customers’ problems quickly and effectively.

What is SCP Certification?

Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards is an industry recognized benchmark that has been adopted by leading support organizations at companies such as: McKesson, Teradata, EMC, and NetApp. Service Strategies, the organization behind the SCP Certification, is an independent organization that administers the extensive audit that covers over 100 unique business practices.

These practices focus on topics such as strategic planning, customer satisfaction and loyalty, customer expectation management, adherence to service level commitments and other critical areas necessary to deliver world-class service and support.

How did we get here?

There were a few early, guiding realizations that Cloudera Support Management made dating back to 2010 that helped to form the foundation on which we’ve built our team to enable SCP Certification. It started with the realization that we had to excel in three areas to ensure customer success, and ultimately our own success: product and technical expertise, process and tools efficiency, and customer service excellence.

This was born out of the reality that in an open-source software subscription business, we must win our customers business each and every year. This notion has helped us develop a team that scales against the unique enterprise level support for a powerful platform like CDH.

We knew we had to invest heavily early in roles that enable long-term scale, i.e. program management, tooling, systems, personnel focused on quality assurance, Proactive Support, Back Line resources, etc. These are the underpinnings that enables our Customer Operations Engineers to deliver better service.

We seek to avoid the arrogance or dishonesty that would lead any support organization to claim to always get it right. Many of the problems we’re solving for our customers are complex, requiring significant debugging. When we don’t get it right, we own up and immediately reach out to our customers and attempt to better understand what we need to improve on. We also track each and every follow-up action in our systems to ensure follow through. This process has served our business and our customers well to instill a continuous improvement mindset built on the humility our customers require us to have.

What comes next?

This is where we get a bit maniacal and one of the reasons we chose this certification.

While our organization has always evolved and never rested on our laurels by being happy with the status quo – this certification invites Service Strategies to audit us each year to verify that we not only continue to meet the requirements for recertification, but to also see if we have improved.. John Hamilton, President of Service Strategies Corp., said “Through their attainment of certification against the SCP Standards, Cloudera has demonstrated a strong focus on continuous improvement and a clear commitment to service excellence”.

We will continue to invest in organizational structures, tooling, systems and employees that can engage with our customers ongoing. Our investments are proof points that we are serious about building a company that scales with our customer needs vs. leaning only on clever sales tactics followed by empty promises. Now that we are SCP certified, our customers will continue to depend on us to consistently improve every year and see the results.


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