Cloudera & Qlik: Getting the Full Story in Your Big Data

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On the heel of our announcement yesterday, where we stated our intent to donate Impala and Kudu to The Apache Software Foundation, we are honored to host Jesús Centeno, Alliances Technology Manager for Qlik to blog on how people use Cloudera and Qlik to make big data available at the point of decision.


In the last couple decades, people and organizations have wanted to gain more from their collective human intelligence by leveraging the power of analytics and be able to gain insight at the point of decision. Whether it’s a personal visualization from Excel data, a mission critical analytics application for group collaboration, or an industrial-strength enterprise deployment with complex requirements, users want to better access, present, explore, and capitalize on their data. With the introduction of Hadoop, users were able to tap into both structured and unstructured data in much larger scale. However, it was not until the introduction of Impala, an open-sourced, high-performance SQL engine optimized for analytic use cases, was the industry able to open up the data stored in Hadoop to business analysts and enabling interactive business intelligence (BI) and data discovery.

Taking advantage of this leading analytical database for Hadoop, Qlik is able to support centrally deployed guided analytics, self-service data discovery, and embedded analytics applications. Because all of the data in an application is automatically linked through Qlik’s Indexing Engine, anybody can understand the full story in their data through free form exploration.


Cloudera Impala and Qlik: big data available at the point of decision

Having Qlik applications present Cloudera data via Impala in the form of governed libraries forms a trusted foundation for analysis where any user can build their own analysis or extend the analysis of other existing data streams and applications. As users (from Data Explorers all the way to Data Scientists) start discovering new insights in their data, they can publish those insights to a wider community to ensure innovation is captured and shared. Promoting collaborative ideation and capturing the best ideas into the core baseline of applications extends the foundation and drives further exploration and deeper excavation on Cloudera data. Whether it is by delivering a guided analytics application or by enabling self-service data visualization for ad-hoc visual analysis; Impala and Qlik together make sure analytics is available at the point of decision.

Cloudera Impala dramatically improves speed-to-insight by enabling users to perform real-time, interactive analysis directly on source data stored in Hadoop, through a familiar SQL interface, making it the ideal platform for concurrent BI & Analytics workloads. Qlik Direct Discovery eliminates the need to download large data sources into memory by allowing applications to directly access Hadoop data via Impala and then displaying the results in a Qlik visualization or dashboard. As a result, Impala and Qlik together deliver value in the following ways:

  • Make big data accessible – easily connect to Cloudera via Impala to create big data solutions
  • Drive organizational analytical maturity – rapidly deliver analytics anywhere needed to fuel data innovation and collaboration
  • Deliver big data in context – quickly incorporate any other complimentary data sources into the picture by leveraging Qlik’s Associative engine in order to create hybrid applications
  • Keep big data relevant – effortlessly increase level of detail in applications as needed
  • Accelerate big data ROI – as more users have access to big data more questions are answer and higher ROI

Cloudera and Qlik together empower organizations to deliver value rapidly by being able to share and reuse different data streams coming from Cloudera that are managed through governed libraries in multiple types of Qlik applications. Those applications are delivered in an agile way via different channels such as cloud-based environments and easily consumed by various stakeholders in a number of different ways including mobile devices in order to provide better products and services to their customers. As those better services and products are then used and consumed, Cloudera captures more data that helps improve the Business Discovery experience within Qlik applications.


As Cloudera continues to be the leader in the big data space and make significant improvements on Impala, Qlik continues to leverages Impala to provide a fantastic user experience. Qlik is certified on the latest version of Cloudera Enterprise (v5.x) and Impala (v2.5.x) so together they can deliver solutions that incorporate the latest security standards such as single sign-on and integration with Kerberos when connecting to Impala in order to guarantee a more seamless user experience and easier tracking and monitoring.

Qlik is very excited to be part of Cloudera’s Partner ecosystem and collaborate on various strategic initiatives such as the Cloudera Accelerator Program in order to strength the partnership. Our partnership is founded on the mutual desire to provide more value from more data for all people in less time. Together, Cloudera and Qlik can unlock the value from the data and provide unlimited access to information to disseminate insights for everyone across the Organization.

To read more about Cloudera and Qlik solution, go to:


Jesús Centeno, Qlik, Alliances Technology Manager

Jesús is an executive leader with over 15 years of blended experience in Information Technology, Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Jesús’ experience includes end-to-end technical management throughout various selling cycles across a multitude of Verticals and Subject Areas. He’s been involved in successful planning, development and implementation of large-scale mission critical Financial, Budgeting and HR systems while providing elite support through cost-effective operating procedures.  At Qlik for the past 3 years, Jesús supports the development of Technology and System Integrator partners in the ecosystem who are seeking to leverage Qlik to create new solutions. He works with key Technology Partners, supporting the formulation of go-to-market strategies across different Industries and Markets. Jesus was previously in technology and analyst roles with MicroStrategy, the International Monetary Fund and Freddie Mac.


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