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Apache Hadoop has quickly evolved beyond simple storage and batch processing to enable customers to interact with all their data in diverse ways – including interactive SQL, enterprise search, advanced analytics, and using a variety of 3rd party partner solutions – on a common open source data platform. This is very powerful – and is changing an industry – but how do you actually use such a platform? What does it look like?

While Cloudera has long provided a complete, self-contained, pre-configured virtual machine, many users simply want to quickly experience Hadoop and its related projects but don’t want to bother with a large download or the system overhead of running a virtual machine on their laptops.

Today we are pleased to announce the initial availability of Cloudera Live (beta), a new way to get started with Apache Hadoop online, in seconds. No downloads, no installations, no waiting.

Check it out at

In our first release you can instantly explore and try demos across the full breadth of CDH 5, Cloudera’s completely open source Hadoop platform. You will have up to 3 hours at a time to interact with our sample data sets using Hue, the Hadoop User Interface developed by Cloudera and now supported by every major Hadoop distribution in some form. With Cloudera Live, you get to use the very latest version of Hue which includes support for Cloudera Impala, Apache Spark, Apache Zookeeper, Apache HBase, Apache Sqoop, and Cloudera Search (powered by Apache Solr), along with nice additions like a new editor for Apache Pig. We’ve provided short tutorials to help you quickly get started creating tables, writing real-time SQL queries, or simply searching and navigating through data.

We’re very excited to provide this early access to Cloudera Live and would love to hear your feedback. When you’re ready to take the next steps on your journey to Hadoop, check out our comprehensive online resources or visit Cloudera University to find the path that’s right for you.

Happy exploring, and enjoy!



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