Cloudera Live – The Fastest Way to Try Hadoop Now

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At the core of a Cloudera enterprise data hub is Apache Hadoop – a powerful tool to store and process all your data. With an enterprise data hub (and Hadoop), you can unlock the true value of your data by opening it up to more users, securely, with the ability to run multiple use cases over the same data using one centralized, managed, and fully integrated platform.

To help you start realizing the power of an enterprise data hub, we are pleased to announce the second release of Cloudera Live. Cloudera Live is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Hadoop. In its second release, it now includes self-guided, interactive demos and tutorials. With a simple, one-button deployment option, you can get started with a five-node cluster of CDH, Cloudera’s open source platform including Hadoop, within minutes. Once deployed, you can start experimenting with this free, cloud-based Hadoop environment for two weeks. During this trial, you will be able to:

  • Learn the basics of Hadoop (and CDH) through pre-loaded, hands-on tutorials

  • Plan your Hadoop project using your own datasets

  • Explore the latest features in CDH

  • Extend the capabilities of Hadoop and CDH through familiar partner tools, including Tableau and Zoomdata

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Cloudera Live comes pre-loaded with hands-on tutorials that guide you through the basics of data analytics using Hadoop, while also introducing you to the powerful open source tools included with CDH. Tutorials include:

    • Getting started with Cloudera Manager

    • How to ingest structured and unstructured data

    • Data querying with Impala and Search via Hue

    • Discovering the value of:

big data through combining structured and unstructured data

—an enterprise data hub by deploying multiple use cases over the same data, in one centralized, managed, and fully integrated infrastructure

One of the key benefits of a Cloudera enterprise data hub is its ability to seamlessly integrate with popular third-party tools. Outside of the basic CDH environment, you can choose to deploy CDH with an integrated trial of either Tableau or Zoomdata. Be on the lookout for more partner tutorials in the future as well.

Outside of the interactive demo environment, we still offer the read-only demo of a pre-deployed CDH. This Hue-guided environment lets you explore CDH for three hours at a time through real-world examples.

Additionally, if you are most comfortable testing new releases or developing workloads in your own environment, we have reconfigured the Quickstart VM to be even more lightweight.

To get started with Cloudera Live or the Quickstart VM, visit

To learn more about Hadoop, you can also check out our online resources or see what training options best suit your needs.


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