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You might remember last year at Strata+Hadoop World, New York City we talked about the fact that “Hadoop will disappear.” Yet to quote Cloudera’s product marketing lead Alex Gutow, “[Hadoop] – a word that once only meant HDFS and MapReduce for storage and batch processing now can be used to describe an entire ecosystem,” and nothing could be more true, especially when it comes to the vibrant Cloudera partner ecosystem that was on show this week in New York City.


As we approach Hadoop’s tenth birthday, we were excited to start off the week with two technology public beta announcements that speak to the power of the development and partner communities: Kudu and RecordService. What’s more exhilarating is, at the onset of these two Apache-licensed open source projects, there are already great contributions and support from the development community from our partners: AtScale, Datameer, Intel, Platfora, Splice Machine, and Zoomdata. This not only speaks to the power of open source development, but also to Cloudera’s ability to drive open standards amongst the big data community.

But of course, that was not all. The “disappearance of Hadoop” also implies the expansion of the big data ecosystem. When people refer to “Hadoop” now, it’s about all the solutions that technology partners jointly create to solve specific business issues. This year, we have had a total of 12 joint endeavors with our partners throughout the entire stack, starting with platform solutions for deployment options, to purpose-built Hadoop-based applications, all the way to business-outcome solutions. Here is a sliver of what we have achieved with our partners that was showcased at Strata+Hadoop World.

Platform Solutions

On September 24th, Microsoft and Cloudera jointly announced Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition provides enterprise-ready Hadoop for the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This joint work means that Microsoft Azure customers can now have access to the full breadth and scope of Cloudera’s enterprise Hadoop offering, which includes core Hadoop components for unified storage and parallel processing and premium offerings for data discovery and advanced analytics that serve a variety of use cases.


In July we jointly announced with Teradata the launch of our first Teradata Appliance for Hadoop with Cloudera. This week at Strata+Hadoop World, the appliance is now officially available and ready for orders. The appliance form factor as a deployment option allows customers to realize faster time to value from big data, benefitting from best in class high availability, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and streamlined support. As predicted, we have already seen demand pick up for this Hadoop appliance and we cannot wait to share more on how our customers are using the two product sets together. In the meanwhile, see what Teradata and Cloudera are saying about this appliance.



On September 29th, Attunity announced the release of Attunity Replicate Express, a downloadable edition of its award-winning data replication and loading software. The Hadoop industry is seeing significant growth as enterprises are adopting, expanding and realizing value from big data analytics. Attunity is an important partner and we are pleased to see their latest release. Attunity continues to deliver complementary solutions that address critical needs for customers looking to accelerate and grow their Cloudera Hadoop deployments.


On Tuesday, September 28th, Informatica announced its Big Data Management framework, a holistic approach to managing big data, which includes a comprehensive view focused on three pillars required for big data management solutions: data integration, data governance and data quality, and data security. Since the early days of Hadoop, Cloudera and Informatica have led with best practices and tight integrations with Cloudera Navigator, Cloudera Manager, and Spark to deliver massively scalable data integration, end-to-end data governance, and robust data security and protection. We are extremely excited to be part of the Big Data Management framework.


On September 22nd, Platfora deepened support for the Cloudera ecosystem and now as Platfora 5.0, has expanded support for Apache Sentry, Impala, and Parquet. The Platfora-Cloudera integrations now provides fine-grained authorization capabilities, efficient analysis of information stored in Impala and direct access to a popular Hadoop file format. We’re pleased that Platfora values its integration with our enterprise data hub (EDH) offering and look forward to supporting the company’s open workflow initiatives to address the needs of our joint customers.

On September 29th, RapidMiner announced a partnership and certification with Cloudera to enable end-users to monetize their Hadoop Investments. This combined solution enables end-users to effortlessly mine and model data—no coding required—mashup all data for a holistic business view, rapidly build predictive models to uncover opportunities and risks and operationalize predictive models by embedding them within business processes. With our joint offering, customers benefit from the processing power of  Cloudera Enterprise to easily extract and operationalize the hidden value in their Hadoop clusters. We want to welcome RapidMiner into the Cloudera ecosystem and are pleased that they have certified on Cloudera.


On September 30th, Talend announced Talend 6.0, the first Spark-powered data integration platform providing native support for Apache Spark and Spark Streaming. By leveraging over 100 Spark components, Talend 6 enables any company to convert streaming big data or Internet of Things (IoT) sensor information into immediately actionable insights. We are excited to see Talend’s commitment to Spark and look forward to not only delivering a new level of ease and speed, but also innovating on new data possibilities.


Last week, Trifacta announced Trifacta v3 to bridge user empowerment and enterprise data governance. With the focus on governance and with the integration of Cloudera Navigator and lineage visibility within Trifacta, Trifacta v3 augments the transfer and visibility of metadata and lineage created through the wrangling process. Integrating Cloudera Navigator with Trifacta v3 is an important step to improving data lineage and metadata management within the big data ecosystem. This joint solution will enable Hadoop users to capture the most relevant metadata created within Trifacta and then visualize the wrangled metadata within Cloudera Navigator’s lineage view.


Last week, Zoomdata introduced Zoomdata AnyCloud™ initiative, a cloud-native analytics layer that unifies data in the Cloud and on-premise. The big data industry is seeing significant growth as enterprises start to realize value through big data analytics. Zoomdata is a key player in the field and we are pleased to support the Zoomdata AnyCloud initiative. With integration to all components of Cloudera Enterprise, including Spark, Impala, and Search, we believe Zoomdata will bring real-time and historical visual analysis of big data to non-technical business users at the speed of thought.


Dell Blue Vertical Tagline CMYK Logo  Syncsort-Corporate-Logo

Last week, Dell launched a new solution for Hadoop, co-designed with Cloudera and Syncsort and powered by Intel, that streamlines the planning, design, construction and deployment process of transforming data into a ready state for analysis, then loading it for business reporting or for querying; a process known as ETL (extract, transform and load). End customer big data and analytic needs continue to evolve, they’re moving past general architectures in search of use case driven solutions that can solve real world problems. To address these needs, Cloudera has worked with Dell and Syncsort to design a solution that is faster, easier and more cost-effective to implement than ever before.


On September 29th, Cloudera and CSC announced that we are teaming to achieve PCI and HIPAA certification on big data Platform-as-a-service (BDPaaS). With this achievement, BDPaaS becomes the first Hadoop-based managed service to receive PCI and HIPAA certifications. We are very excited to bring a HIPAA/PCI-ready service offering to market. CSC has shown its leadership and deep understanding of Cloudera’s technology in reaching this high security bar. This offering presents an interesting option for those customers who need HIPAA or PCI-level security but would like a managed data platform.


On September 30th, Cloudera and Deloitte jointly announced the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review Solution, a solution built to address financial services industry (FSI) challenges meeting regulatory compliance of comprehensive capital analysis and review (CCAR). Deloitte’s CCAR solution leverages Cloudera Enterprise to provide cost savings, operational efficiencies, and increased flexibility in financial services firms’ regulatory data management environments to accommodate future regulatory changes. Cloudera is excited to team with Deloitte on this solution. Deloitte’s deep expertise in the field of financial services enabled the development of a solution that financial services companies tied to CCAR regulation will benefit from.

As I step out into the rainy streets of New York City as the show closes, none of the rain seems to have dampened the excitement from the conference. And as a co-host of this industry-leading big data conference, we would like to thank all the partners for making this show what it is today, and working with Cloudera to drive the future for big data.

Cloudera Heart Partners!


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